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  • Omri

    So what exactly is the problem with parading through Broadway ? marching on foot through a pedestrian space ought to be easy to arrange. When the city decides on the permanent design for that space, they should make it possible to parade through it.

  • Omri, look at the fourth picture down on this page, labeled “A future performance area?”

    I’m not the world’s most experienced marcher, but those kinds of bumps would be a doozy to traverse in formation.

    I agree with you that the parade should be accounted for. Are they still having New Year’s Eve in Times Square or is that being moved somewhere else as well?

  • Did the cops investigating the rear-ender chain-reaction crash that killed Janine Brawer subpoena the driver’s phone records?

  • clever-title

    I haven’t been in Times Square since the spring, but people tell me that there are concrete barriers across Broadway to prevent cross-town traffic from driving into the pedestrian space – not a bad idea considering the past massacres in other pedestrain spaces.

    I’m also surprised that the barriers are not removable bollards. I would think that the NYPD & FDNY would insist on being able to remove them to move emergency vehicles in the event of a fire or mass casualty event.

    In any case, adding left turns to the route didn’t cause us any real problems since wide streets were used, and the slightly longer route let more people watch.