Wanted: Your Photos of Crummy Transit Conditions

boarding_b44.jpgWaiting to board the B44 in Brooklyn. Photo: Benjamin Fried

Our latest call for photos was inspired by the picture at right,
taken by Streetsblog New York’s own Ben Fried. It’s an all too
familiar scene — transit riders crammed together, waiting for a bus
(or train) that doesn’t come when it’s supposed to (if you
missed the story that went with the picture, it’s here).

is just one indignity transit users have to face. Others include
inadequate bus shelters, nonexistent or vandalized seating, blocked
entrances — you know the stuff.

Send us your pictures of
crummy transit service and infrastructure where you live and we’ll put
together a new slide show. You can e-mail JPEGs to me at sarah [at]
streetsblog [dot] org, or tag them with "streetsblog" and "transitfail"
in Flickr. Get your submissions in by next Thursday morning.

Our past slide shows have been on bike traffic, space hogs and work bikes. Check them out if you haven’t already.

  • Emily Litella

    Great idea to photo document transit fould ups. Here’s a challenge for the more tech savy among us. We need to shine a light on a chronically troubled area of transit operations, schedule adherence. Many of us have digital cameras that record time-lapse motion pictures. If your window faces a transit stop or route, why not record an entire day or week’s worth of bus movements on your street. Set your your camera to record frequently enough to not miss a vehicle passing through your observation point without stopping, yet slow enough that review of the recording can be done in a few minutes. This gets interesting at places where traffic on an entire route is light, where there are few external reasons for the bus to be more than a couple of minutes late. We need to document occurences of bunching on Sunday mornings and Tuesday nights for example. We can challenge transit operator on-time performance statistics, not to be a pain in the neck but to build a case for more secure funding sources, and more transit friendly street management policies.

    And maybe your time lapse movies can help the MTA in supervising schedule adherence in far flung segments during the off-peak. There’s usually a reason you waited 30 minutes for a bus on a 10 minute scheduled headway (most off-peak schedules are clearly posted at MTA.INFO. Reliable bus service, however infrequent, is the best defense against households deciding to purchase that second automobile.

  • This video
    shows the causes and effects of illegal placard parking and bunching on the M96 route.

  • Glenn

    OMG about halfway through BO’s video, I wanted to just break through the door and start walking…

  • Ian Turner

    Emily, AFAIK the MTA already collects their own timeliness statistics, which are available on a detailed per-route basis.



  • Jym

    =v= Contact Muni. Maybe they have photos or even footage of the grand opening of their Embarcadero Muni Metro service, where an SUV-driver figured the spankin’ new streetcar tracks was actually a spankin’ new parking spot.

    (Of course, he didn’t receive a ticket. Why should those tracks be like any other tracks in the city?)


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