Cliff Lee, the “Southpaw Straphanger,” Rides Again


Here’s a makeshift screen grab from Game 2 of the World Series, describing how Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee made his way to Yankee Stadium for Game 1 last Wednesday.

According to Fox Sports, after catching a cab from a Midtown hotel, Lee was stuck in traffic an hour later, having traveled about as far as Morningside Heights. Ignoring advice from his handlers to seek NYPD’s help getting to the South Bronx, Lee ducked out of the taxi and went underground.

The cabbie had told Lee it would take two additional hours to reach his destination. The subway, even after a transfer, got him there in 35 minutes.

Though he reportedly didn’t know which train lines he took (the C to the B, as posited by Gothamist, seems likely), Lee, who starts tonight’s Game 5 in Philadelphia, is no stranger to the transit system. Given his super-human performance in the Phillies as-yet sole Series victory, Yankee fans may be hoping for gridlock to help the Bombers put this one away early.

Lee’s first pitch is scheduled for 7:57. Amid the excitement of a Yankees win — or loss — don’t forget polls open tomorrow at 6 a.m.


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