Tonight: UWS, UES Community Boards Talk Bikes [Updated]

Community boards in districts east and west of Central Park will hold sessions tonight on cycling infrastructure and safety.

CB 7’s transportation committee will host DOT staffers to discuss future bike facilities on the Upper West Side — specifically, potential locations for protected bike lanes. We’re trying to confirm, but we have word that Manhattan Borough Commissioner Margaret Forgione and bike coordinator Josh Benson will be there. [Update: Hayes Lord will be representing DOT.] Either way, this has the makings of an important opportunity to weigh in on UWS livable streets improvements. The DOT segment of tonight’s meeting begins at around 8 p.m.

Across the park starting at 6:30, the CB 8 transpo committee will hold a "bike forum" that, based on its description, will focus mostly on cyclist behavior. Given CB 8’s tendency to oppose bike infrastructure almost by default, Upper East Side cyclists may want to make their presence felt.

Update: The UWS Streets Renaissance Campaign has put together a white paper on the benefits of protected bike lanes for community board members. Here’s the PDF.


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