Streetfilms: Park(ing) Day Double Feature

After covering PARK(ing) Day events since 2006, this year we took it down a notch. We figured it was about time we got to relax
a little and enjoy the space and — frankly — not get dehydrated from
bicycling about all day. So sit back and enjoy.

This year more than 20 countries participated.
New York City featured about 50 spaces filled to the gills with people,
sod, chairs, food, fun, games, and, in one case, bubble-wrap galore! You’ll
also get a look at "Hex Pack Patio," the POP.Park design competition winner from Samina Iqbal.

After the jump, more scenes from Park(ing) Day in San Francisco, courtesy of John Hamilton.

  • kathleen

    What do all these people have in common?

    – They certainly don’t have a day job, thus not likely a job
    – That means they likely live off mommy and daddy
    – That means they really don’t contribute much to society besides playing in traffic, something my mother told me never to do
    – They are adults who play with toys – no further comment
    – They are obviously are newbies to this city, what with all the Valley Girl accents and what not that all sound alike, like, OMG, dude.
    – They are all be naive 20-somethings (except the film’s producer, who, at 40, revels in acting like a teenager.
    – They seem to all live in Brooklyn (or at least the ones I googled), in some trendy little neighborhood like Gpt, Wburg, or Ft Greene, likely having displaced working class white or black families who lived there for generations. Who do they benefit? Themselves and the Landlords.

    Sad that while most people are doing real service, like working in an office, or in construction, or some other service job, these guys can afford to behave like children, Peter Pans who refuse to grow up, living off the largesse of their parents.

  • Ian Turner

    Hi Kathleen,

    When I participated in Park(ing) day planning in 2007, I was gainfully employed as a software engineer and working from home. My flexible work schedule gave me plenty of freedom to arrange my day however I liked. This year I was too busy to participate in Park(ing) day but my job would not have been an obstacle in participating. I’ve never lived in Brooklyn. So I’m afraid to tell you that your pronouncements are based on your own prejudices and bias rather than on reality. But thanks for commenting. I guess anyone who has time to complain about things on a blog after 5 must need a social life, right?

    All the best,

    –Ian Turner

  • mike


    Wrong on every count. Please, keep your uninformed diatribes to Gothamist or Queens Crap. Thanks!

  • The Anti-Troll

    Kathleen is writing comments on this blog…thus what does she have in common with commenters like herself?

    – She obviously is bored with her life and her lame job doesn’t keep her busy enough.
    – She doesn’t contribute much to society besides making angry, sad comments on blogs and my mommy used to say if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.
    – I’d Google her, but “Kathleen” brings back so many results, she is safely protected from being exposed as the troll she is.
    – She obviously is angry that her parents probably did put her through school and is projecting on people her sadness.


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