Jay Leno Plays Vehicular Manslaughter for Laughs

According to Movieline (via New York Mag), Jay Leno’s new prime time show, set to debut on NBC in September, hasn’t exactly been generating a lot of buzz. But since nothing says funny like a grisly hit-and-run, this promo, co-starring Fred Armisen of "Saturday Night Live," should turn things around.

Though I’m pretty sure Leno has never gotten as much as a chuckle from me, I understand where the humor is supposed to be here. Yet for some reason the laughter isn’t coming.

Somewhere, though, I imagine pedestrian-hater Robert Novak is yukking it up.

  • Leno…please get a life, your time’s up baby.

  • Leno collects cars. He’s the last guy I’d expect to exercise sensitivity in this area.

  • Lighten up, people. He’s not advocating hitting pedestrians/cyclists or murdering police officers. It’s irreverent comedy. Slow news day today?

  • Dave Wiley

    I’m certainly no fan of Robert Novak, but accident with the pedestrian led to his brain tumor diagnosis. His claim to be unaware of the accident is credible as a symptom of that tumor.

  • I always though of Jay Leno to be a decent, upstanding guy but this is not funny.

  • This ad was just plain boring to me

  • Clutch J

    A couple of years back, Leno personally telephoned the head of the CA legislature to kill powerful smog check legislation.

  • saw this in the movie theater the other night. not quite as unfunny as I was expecting from Leno.

    lighten up.

  • Even with hit and run excised from this ad, I found it boring and unfunny. This makes Leno look old and tired. I’d bet you never see any sort of Letterman ad of this nature.

  • “urine soaked subway”. Not so much.

    That was dull.

    I would rather collect MetroCards than cars

  • Peter H.

    Oh, pleeze. He’s a comedian. He loves cars. PRobably not the funniest thing he’s ever done, but still fairly amusing. Relax.
    Even those of us who work in the Subway sometimes call it “The Electric Sewer”


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