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cantorkintisch.jpgCantor Benjamin Kintisch

When starting a new Livable Streets campaign people will often ask us, "How do I connect with others in my neighborhood and build a working group?" Cantor Benjamin Kintisch is facing this familiar concern in Harlem and Hamilton Heights, and this time we’re putting the question to you. If you’ve had success building a campaign in your area, we want to know how it all started. How did you get the word out off-line and which methods worked best? Respond to this post with your tips for Cantor.

Elsewhere around New York, Livable Streets members have been busy preparing for this weekend’s Summer Streets. The Upper West Side Streets Renaissance will be leading a feeder ride starting at Inwood Hill Park and picking up more folks along the way in neighborhoods like Washington Heights and Harlem, while Brooklynites can catch a ride with their TA committee from Grand Army Plaza to Park Ave. and back.

And for those who missed Zozo’s appearance at the Summer Streets press conference, there’s a new StreetsWiki entry with more details on the mysterious purple creature. Don’t miss the Livable Streets Education kid station for more Zozo fun along the route tomorrow.

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    Cino De Mayo bike race in Prospect Park, $20,000 prize, various bike classe, maybe some mountain biking, open only to people with a passport from the Carribean, South and Central America. Community organizer outreach.

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    That would of course be Cinco de Mayo. But you knew that.

  • Felix

    Go to the worst intersection in your neighborhood with a petition asking the DOT to make it safer for pedestrians. Bring a table, some friends, and some signs and hang out for a few hours.

    You could also do something similar around a local playground or school with the focus being on safety for kids. Same with senior centers.

    In both cases try to strike up conversations with those who seem interested in helping out and let them know you’re trying to put together a group. Or you could give your group a name before you start and ask them if they want to join.

    Approach established groups in the neighborhood and let them know what you’re trying to do. See if you can speak at their meetings. Ask TA to contact their members in your area and let them know what you’re doing.

    Good luck!

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