Today’s Headlines

  • Study: Txting-While-Driving Is the Most Dangerous Distraction of Them All (NYT)
  • NYCT to Cut 360 Positions in 2010, Including Maintenance and Cleaning Staff (NY1, Post, AMNY)
  • City Council Considers 8 Bronx Sites for Commuter Ferry Service (News)
  • Gotham Gazette Lays Out the Challenges That Await MTA Chair Nominee Jay Walder
  • Subway Train Reliability Is Up This Year (News)
  • Families, Investigators Try to Make Sense of Taconic Parkway Crash That Claimed 8 Lives (NYT, News)
  • Dealers Packing Showrooms as Cash for Clunkers Begins (WSJ, News)
  • Stars of Parking Policy Rock the House at World Parking Symposium (Planetizen)
  • Speed Cams for Cars? Verboten. Blanketing a Train With Surveillance Cams? No Problem. (Post)
  • Parked Cab Ignites Outside Plaza Hotel; No One Hurt (Post)

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  • Brian Ferry

    Contrary to the dopey News article and the dopes quoted in it, the real obstacle to ferry service isn’t finding shoreline to dock, it’s finding money to operate the service. Ferries are an expensive form of public transit. In all but a few cases they require substantial government subsidies to be affordable to the average person. The ferryphiles in the Bronx may not have noticed but the MTA has barely enough money to fund existing bus and subway service, let alone expensive ferries. The city’s budget isn’t looking so great either.

  • Ferry terminals in general are less accessible than the subway; the subway at 4th Ave & 59th St in Brooklyn is more accessible to many people than the ferry near the Brooklyn Army Terminal. A subway station can attract riders from all 360 degrees; a ferry, with its requirement for access to open water, has at most 270 degrees of access.

  • vnm

    Intermodal auto mayhem! Motorist drives off of 20-foot-wall, landing on Metro-North tracks at New Rochelle and interrupting train service (Journal News)

    Horrific early morning high-speed crash kills driver on Baychester Ave in Wakefield section of the Bronx (Print edition of Daily News)

  • Josh

    Yeah, I have a hard time with the idea that surveillance cameras are allowable on subway cars. I’d be surprised if the ACLU weren’t already on this in some capacity.

  • Here’s the head and subhead of a story in today’s Guardian: “Sleek and super-fast: London’s new Javelin trains are a design triumph…. But it’s sad that Japanese engineering should ferry visitors to the 2012 London Olympics – once the site of a distinguished British railway works.” Here’s the text.

  • James

    Re: ferries in the Bronx: why does the Riverdale CB rep insist on the idea that there must be parking provided at the ferry terminal? The Hudson RailLink shuttles already run from residential areas to the MNR trains during peak hours. Building structured parking for ferries is asinine in an area that has too damn many private vehicles as it is. Why are the people at Bronx CB 8 so car-crazy?