Today’s Headlines

  • Cities Aren’t Getting Their Share of Stim Funds — Job Creation Suffers (NYT)
  • Paterson Taps Dick Ravitch for Lt. Gov. Post in Bid to End Albany Stalemate (NYT, Post, News)
  • Climate Bill Funnels Way More Cash to Coal and Oil Than to Transit (Washington Independent)
  • NYC Selling Permits for Events — Some Commercial — in Midtown Ped Plazas (NYT, How We Drive)
  • DOT Stripes 200th Bike Lane Mile in Three Years (News, WNYC)
  • Without MTA Agents in Some Stations, Straphangers Left Guessing About Train Delays (AMNY)
  • Cab Jumps Curb on Upper West Side, Strikes Four Pedestrians (News)
  • Whole Foods and Its 420-Car Parking Lot Won’t Be Setting Up on Brooklyn’s Third Ave (Bklyn Paper)
  • 1000 Online Slots for Tour de Queens Gobbled Up in Less Than 12 Hours (News)
  • How to Build Schools That Don’t Feel Like Wal-Marts (Switchboard via
  • Glenn

    Wiley Norvel’s quote on the ped plazas is pitch perfect. Instead of having sub-par ped plaza that rely on intermitant funding or tied into the DOT or parks budget, they become financially self sustaining by renting out the space while weaving themselves into the neighborhood fabric.

    If only there were a way to do the same for all of NYC’s streets…the possibilities are already there for the taking: market rate street parking, congestion pricing, higher gas taxes, etc.

  • Marty Barfowitz

    Tom Vanderbilt nails it:

    I couldn’t help feeling a creeping sense of irony in today’s New York Times. After first reading how the country’s single-largest economic engine, New York City — not to mention other big cities — is getting shafted in the stimulus transportation spending at the expense of projects seeking “to improve transportation to Appalachia” (that fertile hotbed of innovation, and so many centers of population), I then read a vaguely querulous piece about how the city is selling a number of commercial permits for events in the stretches of Times Square that are temporarily without cars. It’s a bit strange to read about concerns of commercialization in Times Square…

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    Would someone please take away Marty Barfowitz’ Thesaurus?

  • vnm

    How is renting out space in ped plazas any different than selling ads on the subway? Either way, a public fund benefits.

  • Ian Turner

    Niccolo, he’s quoting Tom Vanderbilt.

  • A plaza revenue stream is definitely bad news for anyone plotting to see the space turned back over to their unproductive machines.

  • Also perhaps of note – since MTA director Williams doesn’t do a lot of one-on-one interviews. Some of it’s fluff, but some definitely not!

    Chris Lombardi
    Editor, Women’s Voices for Change

  • Helena Williams “still cooks Sunday pasta?” She also just helped cook up hundreds of millions more in giveaways to Bruce Ratner at the expense of straphangers. I’m sure Ms. Williams is a capable executive, but she can’t be ashamed of her role in the Atlantic Yards debacle.

  • I’m intrigued by the choice of Ravitch as Lt. Gov.

  • Marty Barfowitz

    Frankly, the Ravitch selection is a sad statement. That we haven’t managed to produce a new “Ravitch” these last 25 years only highlights the bankruptcy, the lack of creativity and the general sense of stasis that has New York state government ground to a halt. Also, I hate to say it but Dick is too old, too lacking in energy and vitality to do what needs to be done at this moment in time. Pedro Espada and these other jokers are going to just run circles around the guy.