Tune in Now: Ninth Avenue Road Rage Incident on CBS 2 News

Ray Bengen, the cyclist who was assaulted by the driver of a Ford Excursion blocking the Ninth Avenue bike lane, will appear tonight on the 6:00 p.m. edition of the CBS 2 local news. Ray just emailed to say the producers have confirmed they’ll broadcast a segment featuring him explaining the road rage incident. Let’s hope they do the story justice.

Update: If you missed the broadcast, here’s the report filed by correspondent Deborah Garcia.

  • vnm

    Overall I think it was a good piece.

  • New info: The bike needed $200 worth of repairs.

  • Missed it huh?? Just got home… There was some kind of procession or parade on Queens Blvd. Hundreds of cars nose to tail, getting in the way of traffic and making a nuisance of themselves

  • Marty Barfowitz

    Andy, I think that “procession or parade” you’re referring to is called “traffic.” That was Queens Boulevard traffic getting in the way of the Queens Boulevard traffic and making a nuisance of itself.

  • What’s with the “English Jew” reference in the story?

  • The video is at the top right of that wcbstv.com link.

  • I’d say that the CBS2 did a good reporting job on this one. I know I’m biased, but it’s hard for me to imagine that even a Hummer owner could view this story and come away feeling that the District Attorney is justifiably prosecuting this poor guy.

  • The report on CBS2’s web site states “Ray Bengen Was Summoned To Police Station After Unknown SUV Driver Allegedly Threw Him To Ground, Stole His Bike”. Stole his bike?? Where did they get that from??

  • vnm

    The English Jew reference was just Ray’s way of humanizing himself in his fight as a lone rebel against unyielding, faceless System.

  • Did they mention what he is charged with? Slapping a car? I wasn’t aware that was an arrestable offense. Would be arrested for slapping a person? Not likely, so the DA is outright stating that cars have more rights than people.

  • WTF?

  • This is a ridiculous situation. The real story here is why would the DA charge someone with such an obviously flimsy case? Slapping a car? This is a waste of time and money. Who knows, maybe the SUV driver will be the big loser in the end, making it worth every penny.

  • CBS really needs to stop using that stock triathalon photo for cycling stories. It’s just pathetic to compare people with triathletes. Simply because they ride a bike.

  • They need to learn the difference between “break” and “brake” as well.


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