Real New Yorkers Dig the New Times Square

We’ve been meaning to post this vid from culture mag ANIMAL New York (h/t Gothamist), which neatly undercuts the argument that the newly pedestrianized Broadway is "only for tourists." Sure, the tourists are grateful not to be jostling for space right next to traffic anymore, but so are lots of people from the five boroughs. It is, after all, where 158,000 people go to work every day. Take that, Andrea Peyser.

  • Barnard

    Favorite quote: “This is all for the people!” It is! How is that elitist?

  • “Heeellllllsss Yes!”

  • anonymous

    It’s for all the people who aren’t physically conjoined to their cars.

  • hirschnyc

    I hope that we get to see the metrics of the redesign.
    How much faster is it for the cars to go down 7th ave? broadway?
    How much faster is it to walk through times square?
    How many accidents are happening now compared to the past?

    Lets see the numbers. It might be that the design is a win for most.
    The only area that looks like it could be down is the driving from Broadway
    continuing on Broadway but I don’t think that option has been available for some time.

  • Carolyn Whitzman

    We just got back from NYC and totally loved the new pedestrian spaces at Times and Herald Squares (and the High Line Park as well!). I’ll be showing this video to my urban planning students in Melbourne, Australia. Keep on showing leadership, folks! This website is a fantastic resource!

  • The other night as I was channel-surfing, I came across pictures of Times Square (taken from Broadway and 46th St, I think), on City Drive Live, the city’s traffic-camera channel (channel 93 in Manhattan). It makes a nice counterbalance to the otherwise neverending video stream of cars zooming along highways, and I was pretty surprised to see how busy it was at eleven o’clock on a school night.


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