Revised Kent Ave Plan Extends Bike Route to Flushing Ave

kent_ave.jpgImage: NYCDOT

Here’s a look at the revised and extended route proposed for the Kent Avenue bike path. Currently the bike lane runs from Quay Street to Clymer Street. As you can see in this map from DOT’s project presentation [PDF], the new route would continue several blocks further south, to Flushing Avenue.

The other big difference: Kent’s existing Class 2 bike lane would become a two-way, physically-protected route. With auto traffic on Kent converted to one-way flow, this enables the return of on-street parking and loading zones, which bike lane foes had clamored for.

DOT unveiled the proposal at a forum on Wednesday, and the Brooklyn Paper reports that at least one vocal opponent of the bike lanes, Leo Moskowitz, has been won over.

The re-routing of a truck route across a few blocks of north Williamsburg, however, has aroused opposition from new quarters. So, at least for a few more months, we might get to see this all-time classic photo continue to grace the web pages of the Brooklyn Paper.

Follow the jump for a rendering of the proposed Kent Street geometry.


  • SBound

    What’s the new South bound pair for displaced Kent traffic?

  • J-Uptown

    Trucks are routed over to Union Ave.

  • Marty Barfowitz

    Gotta love it. Irrational NIMBY’s complain about small, Class II bike lane. DOT comes back with an extended Class I bike lane as the solution. Take that, NIMBY’s.

  • Jeffrey Hymen

    More than that, Marty. “NIMBY’s complain about small, Class II bike lane. DOT comes back with an extended Class I bike lane as the solution…” and plans to route trucks all over the more residential portions of the neighborhood, not to mention the probable off-route truck traffic.

  • john

    that looks like a pretty darn safe installation to me, i dont know the area and i don’t know its effects in terms of noise re-distribution or what not but increasing safety and accessibility for cyclists can only mean good things

  • Meredith

    If you lived on N 11th or N 14th street in 11211 , you would be really pissed off. If you wanted to move a truck of material , bread, produce, livestock, art, etc from Greenpoint, you would be pretty mad to drive a mile and a half out of the way to get to south side Williamsburg , Navy Yard, BQE … It is a danger to a steady flow of McCarren Park goers (children,pets,bicyclists, teams of soccer players) Most distracted by the park, and already in a crazily under-marked set of converging thoroughfares. Motorcyclists,truck and cars are driving like demons to get to and thru the park. If you drive, you know how the right turn onto N 11th street off of Roebling st comes up on you fast. Imagine a truck or two that is waiting to turn onto Union avenue. Even with stoplights, the trucks will have to cross over 5 avenues , the biggest being Bedford avenue.
    I think the plan sucks. I think the trucks should parallel the route down Wythe avenue , or stay how it is, untill a different plan is come up with.

  • Meredith

    Here is a map to see the proposed route on.

  • Meredith

    I went to the CB1 meeting last night. Vincent Abate confirmed that it is “a done deal”.
    I think a class action lawsuit against the city, the DOT, and our own community board 1 , would be a good place to start. Why wait for the first fatality from this dangerous plan?
    These streets won’t hold a stopped fully loaded 18 wheeler because McCarren Park IS a swamp barely under the surface. The big condos that went up hit the water table at 15 feet. I see disaster on the near horizon , if the plan comes to be. Bloomberg can only see his myopic “legacy’ in completing greenways and bike paths and not the safety of residents.


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