Wednesday: CB 10 to Consider Harlem Bike Improvements

acpb.jpgImage: DOT

Plans for new bike and traffic-calming facilities in Harlem will go before Community Board 10 tomorrow night. As we reported last month, DOT intends to replace one lane of auto traffic with a buffered bike lane on Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Boulevard between W. 118th and W. 153rd Streets [PDF], completing a direct marked route between Central Park and the Macombs Dam Bridge.

The plan received a favorable resolution from the CB 10 transportation committee, though reaction so far from the community at large has been mixed. So, as always, the more voices the better.

Though DOT won’t be making a presentation, it’s important that the full board hear from the public on how valuable this project will be for cyclists and pedestrians. Area residents are especially encouraged to come out and show their support.

WHAT: Community Board 10 General Meeting
WHEN: Wednesday, May 6, 6 p.m.
WHERE: Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Building
, 163 West 125th Street, 2nd Floor Gallery

  • This should be a useful amenity; I am one of the 525 weekday cyclists spotted last month on ACP. If you will permit me to grouse, however, I would like to say that linear routes like this one always make me long for better connections at their vertices, e.g. creating a bike lane that would connect with this at 153rd St, then dive underneath the Macombs Dam Bridge, pass Rucker Park, and connect up with the Harlem River Promenade. Or a better way to cross the bridge span between the bike/ped path on the north side and the access roads to the south side.

  • Kaja Geis

    These look to be the buffered-from-traffic, not-from-doors brand of bike lanes that sometimes seem mixed blessings. (The chart even indicates on page 12 that the new bike lanes pass through this ‘door zone’.) It’s an improvement, get me not wrong.

    I wonder what are our chances of seeing implemented here the proposed Upper West Side Broadway-style center cycle track. There may be ample space; note the wide buffers by the interior median.

  • Did anyone go to this meeting? The ACP bike lanes have disappeared from DOT’s online listing of planned bike lanes.


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