Streetsblog vs. Copenhagen: Who’s Greener?

bog_vote_pg_view_vote.jpgWhen it comes to promoting environmentally sound transportation, is Streetsblog better than a Prius? If you think so, cast your vote for the Livable Streets Initiative in the Treehugger "Best of Green" contest.

There are 17 entries in the "Cars and Transportation" category, ranging from "Best City for Public Transit" (Bogota) to "Best Freight Shipping Innovation" (giant kites attached to cargo ships). We’ve been selected "Best Green Transportation Advocacy," and as of now we’re neck and neck with Copenhagen ("Best City to be a Cyclist") in the overall competition.

Nominees are ranked by readers on a scale of 1 to 10. You can read about them here, or skip directly to the voting here. Voting ends at midnight tonight.

Let’s show those Danes who’s boss.

  • Since we’re plugging things, I was an editor on that show “Wa$ted” being advertised in the upper left corner of the voting page. Treehugger is run by Planet Green which is premiering the show tonight at 9 with two back to back episodes I edited.

    Wa$ted doesn’t really tackle livable streets so much but it does cover most of the other green bases.

  • Erik

    Lemmee see. A website (Great start tho’!) versus a long-standing National Policy that discourages car purchase and use, offers safe and practical alternatives, creates a world-leader in wind-power, uses trash and bio-mass to generate heat for the already-in-place central-heating systems common there (oh, wait that’s too Commie for the USA), focuses on clean-shorelines, wants to ship carbon-waste from source to storage points and, and, a ton of other stuff I can’t think of right now.


  • Prius < Streetsblog < Copenhagen

    No contest between the three.

  • Clarence

    Woohoo! We win!! Looks like we pulled away sometime today!

  • This is an unbelievably reactionary collection some truly softheaded ideas which some may take as relating to the real bottom line, that is sustainable development and social justice, but let us not fool ourselves. Hybrid cars? Tesla? Volt? electric scooters? X-Prize? biofuels? The rest look pretty good to me, but what a pity to see the worthy ideas, including our dear friends at Livable Streets, thrust into such mediocre company.

    Did not someone mention that we are right in the middle of a global ecological catastrophe, that serious changes are required, these changes have to start with ourselves, and that they have to kick in within the next couple of years? We really have to decide what side were on.

    Anyway, at least I had a chance to vote for the good guys.

  • True, Eric, but it may be more important to go vote down the crappy ideas.

  • To be honest I voted all the cars a “1” on principle.


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