Today’s Headlines

  • I and NY1 had the timeline for service cuts posted a good day before the Daily News picked it up. They missed a few days too in their timeline, including the dates for elimination of the express buses and the station agents.

  • Does the Post realize that the city wide speed limit is 30 miles an hour?

    Also just like I said when they rolled out the original Segway, has GM ever heard of the bicycle? It’s an amazing device that balances on two wheels, can reach a top speed of around 40 miles and hour, and you can park at least ten of them in a single automobile space

    It is literally as if they try to reinvent the wheel and ignoring the fact that it already exists. I have to admit I’d much rather see a million of these on the streets of Manhattan that SUV’s.

  • Ashcan Sam

    What about all of the animals who are killed to make shoes?

  • I dunno about you but I can’t afford shoes made of real animals, plus motorists wear shoes too.