Today’s Headlines

  • Senate’s ‘Outside-the-Box’ MTA Fix Will Have Agency Begging Again Within Months (NYT, News, NY1)
  • Bronx Commuters Flocking to Transit in Ridership Boom (News)
  • Paterson Says He Won’t Trade Member Items for Ravitch Plan Votes (Post)
  • Water Main Break Puts Damper on South Ferry Station Opening (NYT, News, Post)
  • Carmakers on the Dole Still Splurging on DC Lobbyists (WaPo via Carfree USA)
  • Why Is Wisconsin Spending Big on Road Expansion? (Political Environment via
  • Absent NYPD Enforcement, a Bunch of Clowns Crack Down on Bike Lane Blockers (Gothamist)
  • News: Abolish Beeps
  • Some Joker Is Hacking DOT’s Electronic Road Signs (Gothamist, Post)
  • C-SPAN Has Fresh Senate Testimony on Sustainable Transport (via Grist)
  • Larry Littlefield

    Generation Greed borrowed $billions while promising improvements like the SAS and LIRR to GCT.

    Now they are going to cancel those improvements and end ongoing normal replacement, putting the system back into terminal decline.

    After having raised taxes on wages and jobs in a regressive way, while raising other taxes to boot. To pay for all the pension enrichments they gave themselves while slashing services.

    Which is fine for them because they’ll continue to drive no matter how old they get, and when they lose control and kill someone no charges will be filed.

    What a horrible, anti-union and senior citizen person I am to say these things. Particularly because they are true.

    No capital plan, no tax. I WANT BANKRUPTCY NOW.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Big win for Lew Fidler. He gets his tax on people who work, but not senior citzens who are wealthier, without being forced to do anything to prevent the collapse of the infrastructure.

  • Glenn

    I think Larry wins yesterday’s contest

  • I hope the problems of the South Ferry station won’t be repeated at the Bway/96 station now going up. With the utility-line placement and internal bracing of the existing station now apparently completed, some concrete parts are now rising above ground level. As a longtime user of the dilapidated station, I couldn’t be more excited.

  • oscar

    Larry is the most sane commenter on SB

  • This plan is asinine. Transit riders are going to pay more, employers are going to pay more, drivers are still going to pay nothing.

  • Larry Littlefield

    What’s gone on over all these years has practically made me insane.

    When will people, particularly younger people, wake up?

    Is it so rare that someone my old age or older actually gives a damn about their own kids, or are they busy trying to get a special deal to exempt those kids from the broader institutional collapse they themselves are creating.

    Time to give up and look elsewhere. Do not buy property in New York State. Do not start a business in New York State. Perhaps direct most of your charity outside New York State. Everyone is fleecing and fleeing. And no matter how much you put in, they’ll take more out.

    Perhaps the question for the livable streets network is — to where? If you want a walkable environment and a real neighborhood, where can you get one (or potentially get one) in a place where your taxes purchase actual public services? rather than going to past debts, pensions and senior citizens?

    You want the future of the MTA (and the city’s schools)? Look the past, after a prior generation ran up a bunch of debts, enriched its pensions, and tried to keep the game going by taxing new people, new business, jobs. In the 1970s, everyone with a deal kept it, taxes racheted up, and services ratcheted down, never to fully recover. They’re going for a repeat.

  • Larry, isn’t it possible that filing for bankruptcy would allow the court to renegotiate pensions? It’s already happened in the airline industry and will probably happen in the car industry. Step one, service cuts. Step two, more service cuts. Step three, as steps one and two cause the city’s economy to choke up in a way that can’t be ignored, we’re into bankruptcy court and suddenly everything is on the table.

  • oscar

    Larry, I admire someone “of your age” for calling out the “Generation of Greed” . ..i think Gen-Xers “get it”, but we are far outnumbered by the boomers and the GenY/”Generation Me”

  • Larry Littlefield

    “Larry, I admire someone “of your age” for calling out the “Generation of Greed” . ..i think Gen-Xers “get it”, but we are far outnumbered by the boomers and the GenY/”Generation Me”

    The way I look at it, Generation Greed is those who came of age in the 1950s, the “Silent Generation,” and the first half the Baby Boom, the 1960s flower children. They are the richest generations in American history, and got in before the cuts in wages and benefits after 1973.

    They are, in the latter case, associated with altruism, but their altruistic members have been outvoted. They are also the people in charge now. And they have always run up debts, personal and collective, figuring someone else would pick up the tab later.

    The back end of the Baby Boom, which is where I fall, and Gen X have a lot in common — on the wrong end of the deal, but not willing to be bothered doing anything about it. Just totally indifferent and worried about themselves, with a “we’re screwed so who cares” attitude.

    With the consequence that we’ll end up more screwed.

    Then there is the next generation.

    I expect that public services will be allowed to collapse completely, new public employees will see wages and benefits cut so low that only incompetent grifters can be hired, and taxes will be raise so high that large parts of the economy are shut down, before public employees with seniority and the retired give up (or pay) anything. What hasn’t been discussed in the discussion of “shared sacrifice?” How about the fact that public employee retirement income is exempt from tax, no matter how well off the retired person is?

  • Larry Littlefield

    “Larry, isn’t it possible that filing for bankruptcy would allow the court to renegotiate pensions?”

    Let me put it another way. NYS = AIG. Let’s see if we get those AIG bonuses back.

    Like the state legislature, those who control AIG have put themselves in a position to blackmail everyone else. Let us get more, and accept less, because if you let us go down we’ll unlease a collapse that leaves you even worse off (in the short run).

  • Ah, I get it. Senator Kruger meant “outside the litter box” — someone else can clean up the mess later.