Pedestrian Improvements Planned for LIC Pulaski Bridge Interchange


DOT has plans to improve conditions for pedestrians on the Queens side of the Pulaski Bridge, which connects Greenpoint, Brooklyn with Hunters Point in Long Island City. According to a recent presentation [PDF], pedestrians will benefit from additional crosswalks, new markings and signalization to reduce turning vehicle conflicts, and pedestrian islands.


The plan was presented to the Community Board 2 Land Use Committee last month and to a transportation sub-committee on February 2, a DOT spokesperson told Streetsblog. A full board vote may come as early as next month. As of now DOT expects to begin construction in the spring. The project should take one to two months to complete. Given CB2’s record on livable streets issues, Queens advocates may want to keep an eye on this one.

  • Ryan Lee

    This is great. I hate competing with cars along Jackson from the B61 bus stop to the 7 train subway entrance. It’s dangerous.

  • Great.

    Now how about letting bikes have one of those vehicle lanes going over the bridge?

  • mike


    Yes, yes! That would make things safer for pedestrians and bicyclists. And to any nay-sayers, yes there’s plenty of extra capactity on the bridge. McGuinness Blvd in Greenpoint could use some traffic calming too!

  • Ian Turner

    This is really great. This intersection in particular is a deathtrap. There are a lot of item in LIC that should be more walkable, such as the trip from the Gantry park to PS1; these changes will improve the situation dramatically. It should also increase pedestrian traffic across the bridge.

  • adam

    Yes! The Pulaski pedestrian path is not made for bikes and barely wide enough for peds. Coming from the Brooklyn side is a dangerous ordeal b/c bikes have to go from one side of McGuiness to the other. Once over there they have to ride either on the sidewalk or go 2 blocks into oncoming traffic, neither of which are great options. Going under the bridge at Ash St (?) isn’t an apparent option unless you know you’re way around the neighborhood. Taking the bridge itself is asking to become road pizza. We need a lane or some other solution!

  • J

    I can imagine a scenario where CB2 votes against this. What possible objections could they have besides the reduced auto capacity? I imagine many board members use the 7 train, are probably lots use the B61 bus as well. Anyone know how the presentation was received at the meeting?

  • bicyclebelle

    A working group has formed out of CB1 to address the problems on the Pulaski Bridge. They are exploring the addition of a separate bike path on the bridge in order to improve safety for everyone- pedestrians and drivers as well as cyclists. CB1 member Julie Lawrence is working on this along with other members of the community, and I’m sure they would be happy to have others join them…

  • mfs

    This is great and really really needed. I’m sure CB2 will support this idea generally.

  • This intersection is a highway interchange on city streets. I will be riding over the Pulaski in about an hour, and hating almost all of it. (Beautiful view of the city with the just risen sunlight glinting off the buildings) I have found the only way to get to Jackson Ave northbound, after coming off the (walk-your-bike-bike path) is to wait for south bound bridge traffic to peter out, go to the island, wait for the north bound to wane, then run the light. If a cyclist goes northbound with the light, good luck, the southbound cars turning onto the bridge, don’t – won’t – can’t see you, as they turn onto the bridge. That light timing desperately needs to be changed, esp considering there is a new apartment building on almost all 5 corners of that intersection.

    Has anyone seen the “Walk Your Bike!” lady lately? She would walk northbound in the mornings and scream at every biker who passed her, fast or slow. She did it with such ferocity I wanted to scream back “Don’t Jaywalk!” but I knew she was right about riding on the center section of the bridge.

  • “Has anyone seen the ‘Walk Your Bike!’ lady lately?”

    She was probably run over by a car.


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