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2951392025_c5a315b489.jpgStreetsblog Network is our brand new clearinghouse of sustainable transport, smart growth and livable streets news, linked from blogs across the country. Here’s a taste of what’s on the site right now.

Seeking Redemption for the Strip Mall. Milwaukee, WI: Is there an upside to strip mall sprawl? Some believe big box stores like Wal-Mart, by forcing small retailers to diversify, make a valuable and necessary contribution to the economy. Where looks at how "the boxscape" might be an asset to a new suburbia.

The Meaning of an American Commonwealth. Indianapolis, IN: What role should the federal government play in ensuring economic health for all regions of the nation? What responsibility do prosperous areas have to those suffering a downturn? Midwesterners and others debate the answer on The Urbanophile.

Also on bike commuting tips, congestion pricing in San Francisco, thoughts from Texas on how to encourage connectivity in subdivisions, and much more.

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  • I hope you keep this feature highlighting the most interesting articles each day on But I must say that this one doesn’t inspire me to click through: I have no desire to read an argument for big box stores, particularly after seeing this photo of one, and an article on the role of the federal government is too abstract for me. I would be attracted by concrete examples of local improvements in streets, conversion of shopping malls to walkable neighborhoods, regional smart growth plans, and the like.

  • Sarah Goodyear


    We will keep letting you know what highlighted on the site, and it will be updated at least once a weekday. It features a streaming feed from more than 120 blogs as well as the featured stories.

    The story referenced today does actually discuss conversion of shopping malls into residential/retail developments; the post from Texas talks about how to encourage developers to create connected streets in subdivisions through pricing. So they might interest you after all.

    We’re aiming for a variety of topics every day and over the course of any given week. Hope you’ll find it worth a click.

    Sarah Goodyear
    Streetsblog Network

  • Sarah: Thanks, I appreciate your comment.

    I was discouraged by the picture and the summary in the post above: “Is there an upside to strip mall sprawl? Some believe big box stores like Wal-Mart, by forcing small retailers to diversify, make a valuable and necessary contribution to the economy.”

    But I certainly did not mean to criticize overall, and I am glad to see this feature, as I said.

  • Tod

    As somebody who enjoys (gasp) reading contrarian opinions that go against conventional wisdom now and then (even livable streets wisdom), i appreciate if you keep highlighting a range of livable streets-RELATED articles thru

  • This is bunk:

    “…big box stores like Wal-Mart, by forcing small retailers to diversify, make a valuable and necessary contribution to the economy.”

    If instead of the usual boarded up storefronts, you do see small diversified retailers, you can be sure you are in a wealthy or touristy area. Restaurants, galleries, gimcrackery. Nothing wrong with any of it but if you live there and you want to buy some groceries, not gourmet treats, you better have a car so you can drive to the big supermarket. If you need a quart of paint or a washer to fix your faucet forget about a neighborhood hardware store! Kill the morning with a drive to Home Depot.

    That is a disfunctional local retail economy.


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