While We’re At It, Let’s Reinvent the Wheel

Watch this vid touting a contraption called the "SpeedFit," then get your punchlines ready. We like this one from the YouTube peanut gallery:

they already have that. its called walking.

Hat tip to Burbia by way of Andrew Sullivan.

  • thisisnotmyname

    This is actually more like bicycling than walking. Both increase the amount of distance per calorie achievable by reducing resistance (i.e. using wheels instead of feet). The only difference is here you push against a tread while standing rather than against a pedal while sitting.

  • Vic

    It’s real life imitating parody!


  • Wow!


  • This is the perfect new holiday gift for the friend or family member who is looking for new and exciting ways to get beat up.

  • Wow, I have one of these machines at home. I use it about 3 times per week. The machine is called “running”.

  • Oh, and once again Heffron wins Streetsblog Quote of the Year!

  • rex

    In one swell foop, all the disadvantages of running are combined with all the disadvantages of riding. Brilliant! Has Obama filled the transportation cabinet position yet? Do these guys need a bailout?

  • andrew

    did you hear about this on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me? I did too, very funny

  • Lee

    Okay I get it, the thing coasts when you stop running.

    Wouldn’t a kick-scooter be simpler? Or a skateboard? Or roller-blades?

    Oh! Those Heelys Shoes with the roller in the heels!

  • ddartley

    Why is it that, among the youtube-suggested thumbnail videos that came up after this video ended, was “Ron Jeremy Sleeping Hedgehog?”

  • The soundtrack for this video is as catchy and inventive as the contraption it advertises.

  • Yeah, what the HELL is up with the Ron Jeremy thing?!

  • Is it a fixie, or can you freewheel downhill?? I wouldn’t shake my head in disbelief at seeing one of these going down the street. It still makes much more sense to me than the leaf-blower.


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