Eyes on the Street: New Bike Lanes for the Willy-B


TA’s Wiley Norvell sent in these shots of new bike infrastructure on the Brooklyn side of the Williamsburg Bridge.

It includes a Class 2 bike lane and road diet for South 5th Street, a buffered Class 2 and road diet on South 5th Place, and sharrows and better lane markings for cars on South 4th Street. Williamsburg Bridge-bound cyclists coming from Roebling Street or points further east are being routed along the sidewalk bordering Continental Army Plaza. Good stuff!


  • Great! Now the cops can stop writing bogus tickets for riding on the sidewalk adjacent to the bridge entrance.

  • Barnard

    Mike, you’re so optimistic! Just because bicycling is legal doesn’t mean the NYPD won’t write you a ticket for it!

  • Barnard

    I’ll also add that, in addition to the east-bound bike lane on South 5th, the DOT should have made a west-bound protected bike lane on that street between South 5th Place and Driggs.

    I see a lot of people cycling that direction (and then turning south on Driggs), and an official lane would improve safety.

  • I saw – and used – the new lanes yesterday.

    I’m also going to send a think-you email to the local community board (Bklyn CB1) and the DOT.

    Hint hint: bk01@cb.nyc.gov , http://www.nyc.gov/html/mail/html/maildot.html

  • What I can’t understand is this: if the cost of a Grand Street-type protected bike lane is essentially the same as this kind of lane, why wouldn’t ALL new lanes follow that model? If you’re going to throw paint down anyway…

  • They should confine all ped traffic to the south lane on the bridge. So dangerous.

  • Abe

    So Pretty…

  • gothamist is reporting that cyclists are being ticketed for following the bike arrows onto the sidewalk:



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