Eyes on the Street: Dyckman Bike Shelter Hints at What Could Be


Inwood recently got its first city bike shelter, by the A train station at the corner of Broadway and Dyckman/200th Street. It wasn’t getting a lot of use when I snapped this shot, probably because it was Sunday morning. Still, in the couple of minutes I was there quite a few cyclists passed by, most of them on the sidewalk — as many, it seems, don’t consider Dyckman a safe place to ride.

This is a shame. Now that the Hudson River Greenway is done (pending interruption notwithstanding), Dyckman, along with a segment of Riverside Drive, is the only obstacle to a river-to-river bike-ped link.

Well, maybe not the only obstacle.

  • vnm

    Looks like it’s right next to a bike shop. Excellent.

  • LN

    The excellent Tread Bike Shop moved to bigger quarters down the street. But there’s a community garden across the street and that deli makes a great sandwich.

  • Lulu

    This bike shelter doesn’t look like it would actually provide much shelter. Has anyone used this on one of the recent rainy days? Does it keep rain off the bikes?

  • Andy B from Jersey

    I second LuLu’s concerns. While it looks cool, form must first follow function.

  • The fact that they just repaved that section of Dyckman makes a HUGE difference in its rideability …

  • BernardMarx

    Man that thing looks silly. What the heck is the point?


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