Today’s Headlines

  • Larry Littlefield

    Here is the Times article on the upcoming collapse of the alternative energy movement as a result of lower oil prices (to be followed by higher oil prices as a result of the collapse of the alternative energy movement).

    “Shares of alternative energy companies have fallen even more sharply than the rest of the stock market in recent months. The struggles of financial institutions are raising fears that investment capital for big renewable energy projects is likely to get tighter. Advocates are concerned that if the prices for oil and gas keep falling, the incentive for utilities and consumers to buy expensive renewable energy will shrink. That is what happened in the 1980s when a decade of advances for alternative energy collapsed amid falling prices for conventional fuels.”

    One of my God-given abilities is a good long-term memory. A couple of years ago, I wrote a Room Eight post called “It’s the Price Stupid” about what the higher and then lower price of oil did over 20 years.

    This time, however, the shift to and then from conservation and alternatives with the rising and falling cost of fossil fuels has been so fast, and so obvious, that this time the media is right on the case. Which means that there will be no excuse when politicians take the easy way out and fail to provide the right remedy.

  • It’s interesting that the advertising firm mentioned in the Post article about contextual bus advertising said that it would use GPS to determine the language or type of advertising that would show on the Bus, based on the neighborhood the bus is traveling through. Isn’t this the same GPS that the MTA has blamed for not being able to offer information on bus headways?

    Guess that the MTA has invested in the wrong kind of GPS.

  • Another major development – the Plaza at the HUB – is still on the drawing board, but plans include up to 250 apartments, 375,000 square feet of shops, a supermarket, a 14-screen movie theater and about 1,000 additional parking spots.

    You can lead a horse to livable streets, but you can’t make it give up off-street parking increases.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “You can lead a horse to livable streets, but you can’t make it give up off-street parking increases.”

    Or the fantasy that people from Riverdale or Country Club would dare to set foot in the Hub.

  • vnm

    You can lead a horse to livable streets, but you can’t make it give up off-street parking increases.

    Off-street parking reform now!

  • The MTBOT has convinced me: all SUV cabs should be banned and hybrid taxi cars are the way to go. (Do they really think no one will notice they cherry picked the worst of the available hybrids for their “hybrid” passenger safety research?)

    And as ever, what about pedestrian safety? When we’re dead we can’t hail.

  • From the Post article:

    Aside from advertising, the signs could also come in handy in case of emergencies. The MTA can take over the displays to issue alerts about road closures or even missing children.

    Yes, because so many pedestrians are concerned about road closures! How about, you know, subway service alerts and bus reroutings?

  • Good point about the SUV cabs, Doc.

    “Organic fruit is much more sour than fruit using pesticides, our fruit expert declared. According to his report, the organic oranges had a definite citrus taste that was not present in the pesticide-treated apples.”

  • NM

    Kudos Doc Barnett, SUV cabs are such a shortsighted, half-ass attempt at solving mileage and emissions issues. Small sedans get the same if not better mileage anyway.

    I’m surprised more people didn’t call that out back when it was proposed.

  • I was half-watching the news on TV this morning and I’m SURE I saw something about another cyclist being run down in the city. I can’t find details anywhere though… All I can remember is that the cyclist was run down and possibly killed, and the car/van/SUV/I don’t know driver was not expected to be charged…

    Anyone know any more??

  • Well said, Cap’n.