Today’s Headlines

  • too many of those racks only let you lock the front wheel– this is NYC. that won’t fly.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Il Duce.

  • privatizing assets like bridges? so the owner can profit and be bailed out when they need major upgrades?

    will we have the lehman brothers brooklyn bridge? with a logo on it? and is would brodsky (quoted in the article) support it? it could end up being a highly regressive double tax, no? once for the company to set the pricing… then again when the state bails them out.

  • The $30 million (not clear what budget stream it comes from) includes $1.52 million to design a fourth track and upgrade the switches at the Rensselaer train station.

  • Larry Littlefield

    So Streetsblog is going along with the propaganda?

    $30 million for the whole country is nothing. NOTHING! Money for design? Meaningless. State and local governments can’t borrow anymore, and tax revenues are going to collapse.

    If the AP is going to report something like this, I guess you can’t blame Streetsblog is joining the fraud by not providing any perspective.

  • JP

    $30 million? Forgive me if I’m not overcome with joy.

  • As a boat captain, GPS units in cars offend me, talking units, that you “obey” even more.

    I cant believe there are no photos of the Train vs Abandoned Car crash. Come on, lets have some obliterated car porn!

  • Larry, sometimes we just deliver the straight info and count on you, the commenter, to provide the editorial perspective.

  • rex

    Four more years of Bloomberg? Hmmm, I am a strong supporter of term limits, but this gets some traction with me, mostly because of Sadik-Kahn. Lots of things seem to be pointed in the right direction, and I would hate to see a (re)turn to the darkside. However, I remember it took Bloomberg about 7 years to smote Darth Iris.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “Larry, sometimes we just deliver the straight info and count on you, the commenter, to provide the editorial perspective.”

    And what’s the AP’s excuse. I get the feeling that the media believes all “illions” are the same. Our debts are TRILLIONS. That’s a million millions.

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    Come on you guys. 30 million will buy 15 commuter rail cars, that spread among the fifty states will save a lot of gas. We have 300 million citizens, thats a dime a piece! Stop complaining and take the money.

  • Mr. Transit

    The $30 million announced by Sec. Peters is actually for intercity passenger rail projects and is administered via the Federal Railway Admin. It is the first time ever (?) that U.S. DOT has had an intercity passenger rail matching program for states and localities.

  • Anyone hear Harry Reid and Kit Bond shilling for the bailout today? Apparently we need it so that people can buy cars and build highways.