Demo Today Against Park-Hogging Judges


If you have some time to spare early this afternoon and are in the vicinity of Columbus Park in Downtown Brooklyn, Transportation Alternatives will be holding a demonstration at 1:00. It seems some judges who have been using this public space as a parking lot may take legal action to retain access for their personal vehicles.

T.A. has the scoop:

In Brooklyn’s Columbus Park, judges park both in a parking lot and on a pedestrian plaza in the park. This has been going on for years, despite the city (with taxpayer money) building the judges their own parking lot in 1999. To restore the pedestrian plaza back to park users, the city is removing a curb cut that the judges use and constructing another to link them directly to their parking lot. In response, the judges are actually threatening to sue the city. Given their long record of abuse, we think it’s time to get the judges out of Columbus Park altogether and return it to use as a public space.

Every person counts, so please come join us!

Participants will meet at the corner of Joralemon Street and Boerum Place.

Photo: The Brooklyn Paper

  • No Parking, No Justice

    we’ll be holding a counter demonstration to protect our right to park our cars on public space. What, never heard of ‘judicial privilege’?

    hey, hey
    ho, ho
    public space as got to go
    so i can park my Dodge Dur-an-go!

    –Justice Seymore Tyres
    Chief, Parking Aid Society

  • Dave

    “Oh but that parking lot is a few blocks away. As a lazy, self-important and above-the-law civil servant I demand to be abel to park wherever I want whenever I want. Public be damned.”

    Did I get that right Lew? And if they file a lawsuit I will push for a counter-lawsuit against them for filing a frivolous lawsuit and wasting taxpayer dollars.

    Shame on you judges. Shame.

  • Ace

    In the courtroom of honor, the judge pounded his gavel
    To show that all’s equal and that the courts are on the level
    And that the strings in the books ain’t pulled and persuaded
    And that even the nobles get properly handled
    (except for judges parking their cars in our park)

  • bklynite

    Please, we need all the green and open space we can get in downtown brooklyn.

  • Marty Markowitz

    As long as I can continue to park my jaguar in the park for free, then you protesters have the Borough Presidents full support.

  • poncho

    I Demand Free Abundant Indoor Parking!!!

    If there were cars parking in my neigborhood park I would key the shit out of those cars.

  • Dave

    Funny how Lew is all of a sudden very quiet, caught with his pants down so to speak.

    Any lawyers out there who can enlighten me on who could take action against the judges should they file their frivolous lawsuit?

    In this post-Spitzer era you would think they’d cool it, but I wouldn’t want to bet on it.


  • Gbillyhot101

    Can I let my dog shit there?


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