Ride for a Safer Queens Boulevard Tonight

In July, bicycle advocates and family members of Asif Rahman, who was killed while biking on Queens Boulevard earlier this year, called on the city to transform the "Boulevard of Death" into a street that safely serves all users. The effort to make Queens Boulevard a complete street continues tonight at 6:30 p.m., when Transportation Alternatives leads a group ride from the Queensborough Bridge to Elmhurst, the first in a series of monthly "bike pools." From T.A.:

T.A.’s campaign for a protected bike lane and pedestrian safety improvements on Queens Boulevard heats up this week with the first-ever Queens Boulevard "bike pool." Queens Boulevard is a critical, yet dangerous part of many bike commutes in Queens. By riding together in a group each month, we’ll give the borough’s bike commuters a safe, escorted ride home while making a statement about the need for a physically-protected bike lane on the essential artery. The rides will begin at the Queensboro Bridge and end in Elmhurst.

To date, Council Members Gennaro, Gioia, Liu and Avella have indicated their support for a protected bike lane on Queens Boulevard. With backing from a growing list of community groups, the campaign is building the political support necessary to bring DOT action.

Be part of the growing movement by riding with your neighbors for a safer Queens Boulevard.

Queens Boulevard Bike Pool
Friday, September 12th
6:30 pm
Queens side of the Queensboro Bridge Bike Path

  • I wish I’d ridden today…. I didn’t know about this, otherwise I’d be there. Briarwood LIC is my usual commute, but I haven’t been riding much since school started up again… Where will details of the next “bike pool” be publicized??

  • OK, never mind. I’m up to speed now. Just got all the details from the TA site. I promise I’ll be there next time.

  • You know what?? I’m sorry for talking to myself (!!), but “Next time” isn’t good enough. I’m off home to get my bike…

  • I’ll probably see you there.

  • Did anybody actually ride?? My wife used her power of veto and told me to stay home and study instead, since I’m still getting over a cold.

  • Philip Papas

    Just fyi, There will not be a ride on Friday, October 9th, as we just had a ride in honor of James Langergaard last Friday.

    The Bike Pool ride will be back on Friday, November 13th. Yes, Friday the 13th. 6:30 at the Queensboro Bridge. Please come join us.


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