Crips and Bloods Feeling the Pinch of Rising Gas Prices?

As if the Los Angeles bike scene weren’t intense enough, the L.A. Times reported a gang-related bike-by shooting yesterday.

Time to trade in the 22’s and hydraulics for a Schwinn?

  • Ah, come on now. This has nothing to do with gas prices. People have been shot in bike-by shootings in L.A. before. The violence in South L.A. has more to do with other things, and it is multi-modal. There are fights and violence on and around public transit too. The number of bus bench shootings in L.A. alone …

    I will admit, however, that this is a darkly comic angle to take on such a grim story.

  • A guy from the Latino Urban Forum complained to me the other day that Mexicans get run over on their bikes all the time and nobody ever forms a Task Force in reference to the Mandeville Canyon incident…It’s like I keep telling you Aaron, it’s a different world out here.


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