Crips and Bloods Feeling the Pinch of Rising Gas Prices?

As if the Los Angeles bike scene weren’t intense enough, the L.A. Times reported a gang-related bike-by shooting yesterday.

Time to trade in the 22’s and hydraulics for a Schwinn?


New York Cycling, as Seen From L.A.

  According to city statistics, over the last seven years the number of cyclists on New York streets has risen by 75 percent. With increased investments in infrastructure, overseen by a new, pro-cycling DOT commissioner, the city hopes to double the number of riders by 2015. Of course, obstacles remain. As reported in a Los […]

Biking the Mean Streets of L.A.

In Los Angeles County, bicycle-related accidents have increased in the past year. Road rage is an enormous problem, and as growing numbers of Angelinos choose bikes as transportation, clashes with motorists are on the rise. The Los Angeles Times reported in August: Scott Sing has had a tire iron hurled at him, a water bottle […]

L.A. Doc Takes Out Road Rage on Cyclists, Injuring Two

Via Streetsblog LA, a story of motorist anger run amok this past holiday weekend: A motor vehicle driver, outraged that he was being asked to Share the Road, sped past some cyclists and slammed on his brakes; using his car as a weapon to critically injure the cyclists.  Ron Peterson had no time to swerve […]