Crips and Bloods Feeling the Pinch of Rising Gas Prices?

As if the Los Angeles bike scene weren’t intense enough, the L.A. Times reported a gang-related bike-by shooting yesterday.

Time to trade in the 22’s and hydraulics for a Schwinn?


Streetfilms: Bike Co-ops in Los Angeles

On his recent west coast tour, Streetfilms’ Clarence Eckerson visited three bustling Los Angeles bike repair co-ops: Bike Oven, Bikerowave, and their progenitor, Bike Kitchen. Despite its reputation as ground zero for car congestion, the sprawling City of Angels clearly sports a robust bike scene. Writes Clarence: I don’t know if there is an official […]

The Stupidest Bike Lane in America?

 Slate takes the short ride down what one of its editors calls "the stupidest bike lane in America," which leads Los Angeles cyclists for about one block before dumping them into Westwood traffic. Know of any of these in New York?

Rangers New Center is Happy to Be Back on His Bike

No more double-parking in front of the net or on bike lanes around Madison Square Garden. Traded from Los Angeles, Sean Avery, the Rangers new center, tells the New York Times Magazine why he enjoys playing in the Big Apple: Home away from home: Before the Rangers, I played for the Los Angeles Kings, and […]

Streetfilms: Biking and Block Partying in LA

The bike scene in Los Angeles is alive and well — and growing every day. Streetfilms rode along with one of two bike tours of local art studios sponsored by the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council. Afterward, we joined a block party in progress, arriving just in time to hear solid words of encouragement and promises […]

Road Warrior: Los Angeles Edition

What is it like to bike in a much more hostile environment than New York City?  Conan Nolan reports for NBC TV, Los Angeles: CONAN NOLAN: It’s just the start of the afternoon rush hour, and the fight begins. MICHAEL CLARK, BICYCLE COMMUTER:  There is no sense of sharing. I have to battle for my […]