Eyes on the Street: Madison Square, Re-Squared


From Streetsblog regular BicyclesOnly comes this shot of construction work going on now at Madison Square. More photos here, and here is DOT’s project presentation. When complete, the renovation — one of two planned for Broadway this summer — will reclaim over 37,000 sq. ft. of public space from auto traffic.

  • m-o

    woah. i knew something was happening there, but i didn’t now what. that presentation has some really choice slides and i’m excited to see that completed.

  • vnm

    This is fantastic. Thanks DOT and NYC!!

  • Andy B from Jersey

    It’s incredible to think that with some clever traffic design you can get over 3/4 of an acre of new public pedestrian space. The design looks great. Way to go DoT.

    I’m so jealous. I would love to work at a place where such innovative bike/ped planning is actually happening and not just being talked about for the gazillionth time.

  • Andy B from Jersey

    3/4 of an acre of new public pedestrian space in central Manhattan no less!

  • sublicon

    I work on the corner of 25th and Broadway, so it’s amazing to see all these things that they have noticed about pedestrian behavior in that area. That whole are is also patrolled by bicycle cops, too.

  • this area was always a mess walking or riding so this is a great change! Really impressed with the DOT slideshow too.

  • Steve

    But why do they have to pave it over? Why can’t it be a surface that absorbs rain water? We keep hearing about the horrible problem with storm water runoff overwhelming our sewer system. But the city paves any open space whenever it has the opportunity to do so.


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