Has Time Run Out on the Parking Placard “Crackdown”?

Chinatown, December 2007: As good as it gets?

Early this year, Mayor Bloomberg’s office announced across-the-board reductions in the number of government-issued parking placards that could be allotted to city employees. And while the city looks to be following through with the cuts — to the chagrin of some among the entitled motoring class — WNYC reports that Lower Manhattan is still flooded with illegally parked vehicles.

Despite new standardized placard designs and a highly publicized sweep against scofflaws in April, a recent tour of Chinatown by reporter Matthew Schuerman and Transportation Alternatives’ Wiley Norvell found scores of cars sporting slapdash pseudo-permits, and very few of them bearing tickets. Norvell says that enforcement is still lax, but a spokesperson from the mayor’s office told Schuerman that NYPD is doing a "very good job."

Did the Bloomberg "crackdown" on free parking for government employees expire with congestion pricing? 

  • Curious

    Lets do some math:
    Roughly 80,000 legit placards + Lets just say an equal 80,000 counterfeit placards = 160,000 placards.
    If you ticket 2,000 of them, as the officer in the interview stated, thats essentially a 1% chance of getting a ticket.

    (And really its 160,000 parking every weekday and only 2,000 tickets over a few weeks so the odds of getting a ticket are pretty close to zero.)

    I’d still drive too. Hell, I think I’ll print out my own placard.

  • buford puser

    Let’s be clear here: permits have been consolidated under DoT & NYPD. There was a little show about a crackdown; tickets will probably continue to be issued to non-LE permits, especially Fire Dept. Enforcement against NYPD, including obvious counterfeit SBA permits will never happen. Having ceded increased power over permits to the NYPD, Bloomberg is done.
    Unlike DoT, the NYPD is an autonomous agency not subject to civilian control; it’ll be a cold day in hell when Ray Kelly has to take orders from Mayor Mike! Googoos who read the City Charter as saying something different are living in a fantasy world.

  • Spud Spudly

    The light blue Camry with a police permit that’s always parked illegally in front of my building actually had a ticket on it last month. And it doesn’t have a permit any longer either.

  • ManhattanDowntowner

    This study tells all:


    I don’t think the time has run out at all on the placard abuse crackdown. I was walking, Tues 5/27/2008, on Franklin St and Walker St and there were dozens of tickets issued to placarded cars of all types, NYPD, Court Officer, etc. This was about 4:p.m.

    Wiley and WNYC are to be commended to keeping this issue in the forefront. What I’m curious about is: Why wasn’t the above study mentioned in the article? It’s the most damaging (and current) expose’ yet on placard abuse!

  • Curious

    That is a great study. They buried it by releasing Friday afternoon, but there is certainly good data in there.

  • ManhattanDowntowner

    7/8/2008 In Chinatown: A meeting with Sheldon Silver, Martin Connor and Alan Gerson this evening. Will try to report goings on, on the status of placard abuse.

    At this meeting I will try to inquire about the above noted study.


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