Paragon, Patagonia Promote Pedaling, Pedestrianism

A tipster sends these photos of more storefront bike-ped advocacy, this time at Paragon Sports on Broadway, north of Union Square.


Meanwhile, further uptown, Patagonia on Columbus Ave. has a Bike Month display encouraging customers to sign a letter to New York Senators Chuck Schumer and Hillary CIinton in support of S.858, the Bicycle Commuters Benefits Act, which would give a federal tax break to those who bike to work, similar to that which motorists receive.

Streetsbloggers may remember North Carolina Congressman Patrick McHenry ridiculing the cyclist benefit during debate over an energy bill last summer. Maybe Senators Schumer and Clinton can differentiate themselves on this issue, provided they can take time away from shilling for additional tax cuts for driving.

Patagonia photo: Brad Aaron

  • Good to see Paragon ripping off, oops, using the venerable T.A. / Richard Rosenthal slogan. Better would be bike racks on both sides of their corner store. Yikes, I think my very first bike-advocacy letter was a 1976 customer request to Paragon for outdoor bike parking which they dismissed, as they did the handful of similar appeals I wrote later on, including as T.A. prez in the late eighties. I like the store and get good value there. It astounds me that they haven’t lifted a finger for customer bike parking.

  • Clare


  • DV

    one more bike

  • Josh

    Well, I mean… Paragon sells bikes (and bike shoes, and bike helmets, and the rest). Of course they’re going to promote biking. This isn’t environmentalism or conservation or anything else, it’s just advertising their product using the terminology of the moment.

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    One less grammatical distinction that we in New York have to observe.

  • tps12


    I always thought “One car fewer!” sounded best, though “fewer car” is of course equally correct.

  • To pick up on Charles’ comment, I find it depressing that businesses like Paragon and Macy’s claim to encourage cycling but fail to provide bicycle parking for their customers and staff.

  • Dave

    How can you ault a business for not providing bike parking when that should be the city’s responsibility, as with car parking.

    If a retailer is paying $100/$200 or whatever per square foot per year should they be expected to provide bike parking? NO. let the city convert ONE, just ONE car space per block to bike parking and you’d see a huge upswing in bike usage amonf shoppers.

    But the city is too resistant to change to do that (and how would the strret sweepers function around the bike parking?) Oh me oh my.

    If you think I kid look at the Ninth Ave bike lane built to accommodate snowplows before common sense.

  • vnm

    Clare, LOL.

  • dreamon

    There’s bike parking on Paragon’s roof along with the espresso bar.

  • mikez

    Can’t a business simply request the city to put in bike racks – I thought it was pretty easy. I understand the point about taking spots for cars etc. but it’s not like there’s a huge burden on a business to request a regular bike rack. Especially a biz that’s as crunchy as Patagonia.

  • galvo

    We need a list of business that provide poor,OK, better, and “the best” bicycle parking.
    In Westchester, the soon to be opened New York Sports Club in Dobbs Ferry which is on the south county trailway has not provided any secure bicycle parking, they built lots of new parking spaces though. Large stores like whole foods should come up with some kind of safe valet parking.


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