Eyes on the Street: Bike Boxes on (Brooklyn’s) Broadway


After taking an evening ride down Broadway in Williamsburg last week, Clarence Eckerson sent us a batch of pictures showing the street’s nifty new road treatments. Between Kent Avenue and Bedford Avenue, Broadway now sports bike lanes, bike boxes, and pedestrian refuges with space for plantings. The changes have significantly narrowed the car travel lanes, Clarence reports. More pics after the jump.




  • gecko

    Regarding Brooklyn’s Broadway nifty new “bike lanes, bike boxes, and pedestrian refuges with space for plantings,” just wonder if there is some plan to get drivers to conform perhaps repeating successes of others like the “scoop-the-poop” campaign?

  • Shemp

    My experience around North Brooklyn is that these marking projects do keep cars in line – painted lanes fail where cars back up and try to get around each in frustration like in Manhattan/downtown Brooklyn or get chronically parked on like Adams Street.

    This Broadway project is great because it intersects bike lanes on the avenues (Wyeth and Kent pending, according to the buzz) and is near the bridge entrances, and brings some order to a formerly massive amount of open pavement.

  • md

    FYI, the Vanderbilt Ave median is under construction in Prospect Heights.

  • MAA

    Has anyone else noticed spray-painted lines on DeKalb through Bed-Sty that might indicate new stripping there as well? I saw it while riding last week, but haven’t been by there in a few days. Anyone have any information?

  • Rhein
  • Beat you to it, Rhein ;-). Here’s the list of bike routes scheduled to be installed this year:


  • I was browsing through the DoT decks at Angus’s link above an saw, to my amazement, that the West 106th Street Safety and Bicycle Lane Project to be installed in two months converts a pedestrain pathway in Central Park to shared bike-ped use. (See page 14 of the pdf) What a precedent!

  • Stu

    Things on DeKalb would be nice. That’s a decent street for most of the way, but the lack of lanes means that people edge you out and generally do dickish things. I take it every day to work when I bike, and it’s still the only street that I’ve lost my cool and flipped out and started screaming at someone in a car for being a dick. It was not cool, for anyone.

  • buford puser

    Wow, full credit to DoT for rolling out the new parking areas city-wide- now there’s a full lane to double park without blocking the traffic in Brooklyn too!
    Amazing your photographer got those shots of the lanes with no one parking in them yet; just be patient, they’ll be lined with cars & unloading trucks soon!
    God bless Mike Bloomberg for the biggest expansion of free on-street parking in many years, although I still say it’s confusing to mark these new parking areas with those pictures of bicycles.

  • uSkyscraper

    I agree with buford. Bike around the city enough and you’ll quickly learn that this kind of alignment is all but useless. DoT should have moved the parked cars over and put the bike lane between the cars and the curb.


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