Today’s Headlines

  • Paterson, Bloomberg Split Over Who Should Build Moynihan Station (Post, NY1)
  • Bush Admin: Threat to Polar Bear No Reason to Curb Emissions (Dot Earth)
  • EPA Wants to Know What Makes You Bike to Work — Or Not (Greenversations)
  • Expensive Gas Leads High School Seniors to Bike to Class (Journal News)
  • DOT Bike Honcho Josh Benson Answers NYT Reader Questions 
  • Alternate-Side Parking Suspended ‘Indefinitely’ in Park Slope (NYT)
  • City Room Explains Select Bus Service, Dissects Its Aesthetics
  • What It Will Take to Plug the MTA Budget Hole (Gotham Gazette)
  • Bx Developer Wants to Add Parking to Make Project Profitable (R’dale Press)
  • Plans to Widen NJ Turnpike Advance as Traffic Declines (MTR)
  • Larry Littlefield

    “In his State of the MTA Address, Sander pointed out that China spends 9 percent of its gross domestic product on infrastructure, while India aims to boost its spending from 3.5 percent to 8 percent in the coming years. The United States spends less than 1 percent of its GDP on infrastructure.”

    That debate is over, because the state legislature is passing bills to ensure even more money goes to the income and benefits of those who are paid to be retired more years than they are paid to work, paid for by younger people without health benefits who may never be able to retire at all.

    That retirement income is not taxed at the state and local level. So what does Mr. Fidler want to do? Raise taxes on wage income, which in NYC are already higher than anyplace else.

    I’ll bet the retirees still have placards.

  • GG

    The happy residents of Park Slope should be wary. When Sanitation brings street sweepers into Chinatown, they use a leaf blower to get the trash out from under (permit bearing) parked cars.