L.A. Freeway Cyclists Ride Again

A group of cyclists in Los Angeles continues its guerrilla rides on city freeways. In this video, via Streetsblog LA, riders are joined by rollerbladers as they cut through idling traffic on the 405. The "Crimanimal Mass" movement has gotten more sophisticated since the previous video installment, what with the narrative-style editing, helpful graphics and what seems to be an original score (which I could only tolerate for about four minutes before muting).

Read all about the "If You Rode a Bike You’d Be Home By Now" rides here.

Video: richtothele/YouTube

  • Bigupps

    Boy howdy that music really was irritating.

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    You’re right about the muting, Brad. I just kept hoping the music would get better. These damn kids and their noise!

    I saw those high-up shots and thought, “what, they’ve got someone in a semi who’s in on the act?” Then I saw the bike. That was awesome.

    Maybe they can get some gyro-mounted cameras for the next video, or else I’m going to be seasick.

    Bottom line, though: this is cool. Is traffic on any of the local highways slow enough for this?

  • Tony

    Just wait ….
    The hwys around here will slow down eventually.

    Thanks to Albany’s no to congestion pricing.

  • tallbike was pretty awesome

  • Larry Littlefield

    Here the point about bikes on Freeways — motor vehicles have a whole, extensive, expensive infrastructure just for them where bicycles and pedestriasn are not permitted. How many square feet does that occupy, even in NYC?

    Time to provide a similar priority, elsewhere, to bicycles other modest of transport faster than pedestrians and slower than motor vehicles.

    Let’s be reasonable and not insist on grade separted limited access. A segregated right of way would be sufficient.

  • In New Jersey, you can apply for a permit to ride on selected highways.


  • Mike H

    It looks like LA needs to add a couple of more lanes for the cars

  • gecko

    seriously sweet. and, wiki entry too. beginning of the end of cars as we know it. music is definitely much better low but, wouldn’t be the same without it.

  • Michael1

    No More Freestorm! And I was wondering how they got those high shots. It was a guy on a 12′ tall bike, of course.

  • Michael1

    And Kendra, interesting link about Jersey permits, if you see any on that for NYC highways, let me know. Stab in the dark, naturally.

  • Nemo

    god i love those kids…

    why’dya have to do it?


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