Today’s Headlines

  • High Gas Prices Lead More Commuters to Opt for Transit and Biking (NYT, AP)
  • Krugman: There Is No ‘Oil Bubble’
  • NYT: Time to Rethink Ethanol
  • Transit Improvements, 1,400 Parking Spots to Accompany Red Hook IKEA (Post)
  • Viability of Rockaway Ferry Service Far From Certain (News)
  • Hudson Yards Negotiation May Resume (Crain’s, Sun)
  • Hit-and-Run Drag Racer Turns Himself In (News)
  • Bills Would Lower Community Board Voting Age to 16 (NYT)
  • Newark Looks to Transit to Spur Revitalization (MTR)
  • SF Plans Car-Free Boulevards, Bike Path on Market Street (SF Chron)
  • Larry Littlefield

    The $1.1 million for the ferry is how much passenger?

    NYC’s operating subsidy for NYC Transit is $158.2 million according to the Executive Budget, Message of the Mayor, for 1.5 billion passengers, or 10.5 cents per passenger.

  • The free ferry from Staten Island is a subsidy of over three dollars per passenger.

  • jake

    One hour from the rockaways?? that’s hardly any time savings over existing transit service. why so long? a high speed ferry could get them to wall street in 20 minutes.

  • Josh

    On a different ferry-related topic, how is a ferry to lower Manhattan really going to make that Ikea any more accessible? Do they really expect people to buy furniture and then lug it on a ferry and then the subway or in a cab? A place that sells furniture is one of the few types of businesses that actually SHOULD be accessible by car. The one time I’ve need to rent a vehicle in the last two years has been to go to Ikea and buy furniture.

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    I once went to the Ikea in Hicksville and shopped for over an hour, only to discover that they either didn’t deliver or charged $100 for it. Since then I’ve gotten most of my furniture from Gothic Cabinet Craft.

    I got an Ikea bed from a friend who was moving out of town. It worked fine for five years, then one night last summer I rolled over in my sleep and it caved in. I’d be more interested in their stuff if it was made better.

  • Clarence

    Wow, we had a small spike in Ciclovia watchers. Was wondering why – the SF article on street closures linked back to our Ciclovia video!!

  • Josh

    Well, OK, fair enough, a furniture place that delivers and doesn’t charge as much as Ikea for it is certainly preferable. It’s still a motor vehicle transporting the furniture, whether it’s store-owned or not.

    I took a quick look at the website and Gothic Cabinet Craft is more affordable than I realized. How much do they charge for delivery, out of curiosity?

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    Josh, I think the last time I bought furniture from Gothic (a couple years ago) their delivery charge was $35. Of course, that doesn’t include tip.

    If furniture is going to be delivered by motor vehicle, it seems to me it makes more sense for it to be done in panel trucks that can drop off lots of furniture in a day than individual cars. But maybe Nick and Jes can get their friends to start a human-powered furniture delivery business.

  • Jeffrey Hymen

    Lots of folk buy lots of things at Ikea that are considerably smaller than furniture. For example, before they became more readily available, I bought all my compact flourescent light bulbs at Ikea. Therefore, criticism of the ferry according to the ‘largest case scenario’ is false.

  • Josh

    Angus, that’s true regarding the efficiency of delivery by panel trucks rather than individual cars. For what it’s worth, a friend and I split the cost of a truck rental so we could both buy couches and other furniture in one trip out to Elizabeth.

  • Josh

    Jeffrey, I suppose you’re right about that. I’m certainly planning to make a trip out to Red Hook on the B61 once the crowds die down to pick up some smaller stuff.