Today’s Headlines

  • Americans Buying Smaller Cars (NYT)
  • New Yorkers Scale Back Travel Plans, Support Gas Tax Cut (Post)
  • Clinton Pushes Congress to Pick a Side on Gas Tax Holiday (Fox)
  • NYC Fails Air Quality Tests (Crain’s)
  • Vito Fossella Arrested for Drunk Driving (NYT, WaPo)
  • Tim Rutten Is L.A.’s Brodsky (LAT via Planetizen)
  • MTA Chair Campaigns to Improve Agency’s Image (News, NY1)
  • Ads Coming to Exterior of Subway Cars (NY1)
  • Classic 1972 Transit Map Gets an Update (City Room)
  • Auditioning to Busk In the Subways (NYT, Post, News)
  • A Step Toward Making Suburban America a Little Less Car Dependent (Yglesias)
  • It’s not just Rutten. There are a lot of anti-congestion pricing people out here, including the head of one of the two largest transit groups. It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out in LA.

    Part of the problem is LACMTA (Metro) doesn’t seem to get how to roll projects like congestion pricing out and how to build coalitions. They seem to prefer being sitting ducks.

  • Please cover NYU’s plans to add more housing to its high-rise projects south of Washington Square, at least under Today’s Headlines. See NYU is doing exactly the wrong things, but I know one activist who is trying to get them to knit these projects into their surroundings to make the neighborhood more pedestrian friendly. (If you want me to connect you with him, email me at siegel[at]

  • For news about the NYU projects, the correct link is (Your blog includes the period at the end of the sentence in the link, messing it up.)

  • Mark Walker

    In Business Week, May 12 issue, can’t find link: “The Dutch Cycling Federation is calling for carmakers to install air bags on vehicle hoods to protect cyclists. The group says external air bags would prevent 60 deaths — and 1500 serious injuries — yearly in the Netherlands…”