Today Is the Day to Call Your Reps

The anti-pricing side is pulling out all the stops, robo-calling New Yorkers and urging them to call City Council members. For good reason: With a congestion pricing vote expected in the council on Monday, today is the last day for constituents to speak up. Don’t let pricing foes get the last word. If your council member is opposed to pricing or on the fence — or even if you’re not sure — tell them where you stand.

You can find their contact information on the City Council web site.

  • GA

    Can you tell us which Councilmembers are pro which are con and which are on the fence?

  • Ben Fried

    Many council members’ positions are in a state of flux at this point, and are hard to pin down. Even if you call the office of someone who intends to vote yes, the staff will appreciate hearing from you.

    I called my guy this morning and it felt great.

  • I made my call to Councilman Miguel Martinez. I’m not sure whether he supports pricing or not, because the last 2 times I sent him an email on the subject matter, I received a standard form reply which responded to a totally different topic…probably just a quirk with the auto-responder.

  • uSkyscraper

    I’m for it like any progressive “The Power Broker”-reading transit-friendly London-loving guy, but God it grates me that the NJ folks will pay not a cent towards the program. The PA saw this coming and jacked tolls so that they could hog the whole $8 rather than collect a still-ridiculous $6 while adding $2 for congestion-scheme funds. Total, absolute, power-mad bastards. And now as an Upper Manhattanite who rarely, rarely drives anywhere I’ll suffer for minimal benefit from any new transit programs (if they even happen) while Bergen Country carbon-chugging drivers change their behavior not one bit. Grrrrr.


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