T.A. Ad Drives It Home … to Westchester


Taking aim at the richest irony of the
faux-populist case against congestion pricing, Transportation Alternatives has released this ad [PDF], coming soon to a newspaper near you. The copy reads:

Drivers from Westchester earn an average income of $176,231.

Only 4% of New York City commuters would pay the congestion fee.

100% of the congestion fee goes to improving mass transit.

Do the math:

Congestion Pricing = Better Transit

You know, he even sort of looks like that other guy from Westchester.

  • West Harlem Environmental Action and Columbia University’s Earth Institute teamed up today to release a study that takes aim at some of the regressivity claims being made by some congestion pricing opponents.
    They studied the impacts of congestion pricing on the communities of northern Manhattan, and found NO significant negative impacts.
    For more details (the study isn’t on WE ACT’s website yet), check out my blog post today at

  • Spud Spudly

    “That guy” looks a lot like people who vote.

  • Dave H.

    They better be careful about where they place these ads: put it in too many places read by the mostly pro-pricing elite and we’ll have everyone alienated.

  • Seriously? With the reflective sunglasses, bluetooth headset, business suit, and leather seated car, I wouldn’t worry too much about massive self-identification. Next time I’m at the polls I’ll try to pay more attention, but mostly the people inside looked like the ones on the sidewalk outside.

  • ddartley

    I’m a big fan of T.A., but I think this ad panders in some pretty ugly ways, and I’m afraid the targeted audience will think so too, and be turned off.

  • Wait

    …Is that Richard Brodsky? Because my God it looks similar.

  • Charlie D.

    If the goal is to get “those guys” in favor of congestion pricing, this ad isn’t going to help.


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