Today’s Headlines

  • lee

    Re: fare hike day 2 – the commuter quoted in the article is an idiot if she thinks that an $8 increase in her monthly railroad pass will now make it cheaper to drive. If she works 20 days a month it’s a 40-cent per day increase. Jeez cry me a river.

  • rhubarbpie

    The mayor’s decision to donate one half-million to the Senate Republicans, and his comments in the Times article are pretty astounding. With friends like these…

  • From the Sun article:

    Mr. Silver said he would not sign on to a plan unless it included some form of a rebate for lower-income motorists. He suggested giving a break to people who regularly drive into Manhattan for work and earn less than $75,000.

    Ugh. But Mr. Silver, this is counterproductive and will only encourage more “lower” income people to drive to fill in the slack created by pricing.

    If you really must give a rebate, why not give one to every citizen, and then let them decide whether to spend it on the congestion charge or on something else? That way people aren’t making decisions in their own self-interest that are detrimental to their neighbors.

  • Josh

    Heh. I was about to say the same thing that Lee did in post #1. And “I’m going to have to cut back on food – like lunch.” Seriously? $8/month is (at a maximum) 40 cents per day. You’re going to not eat lunch because of that?

  • Larry Littlefield

    If you must give a rebate, how about a $10 fee and one free trip per week? That means five people who “must” drive can get together with five five-passenger cars, carpool, and never pay the fare at all.

    And having those permit holders share rides would make it easier for them to conspire to gain extra unearned privileges.

  • Joe

    Well, rhubarbpie, for one thing, the Senate Republicans are pretty much behind congestion pricing.

    If only we could say as much for Silver’s Assembly Democrats. It’s friends like THOSE that make me worried

    In New York, the Democratic Party is in no way environmentally friendly.

  • HF

    The NYS & city Democrats are pathetic. I have a feeling Democratic control of the state senate will be an even worse situation than we have now. Cronyism, corruption, apathy, intellectual laziness, endless incumbents, fear of risk & new ideas, and ultimately no less of a quagmire than we have now.