You’ve got to hand it to Westchester Assemblyman Richard Brodsky. His anti-congestion pricing shtick is so finely honed it almost reads like haiku poetry. Here’s a bit of verse I derived from a recent Q&A in a newspaper that covers important New York state political issues like, who is Albany’s most eligible bachelorette? In the Poet-Statesman’s own words:

 I Think It’s a Disaster

It’s a regressive tax
on a large band of people

mostly middle income
and low income
in the Bronx Brooklyn and Queens

People from Jersey don’t pay

The money
is not guaranteed to go
to mass transit

They gut the environmental laws.

— Richard Brodsky 

  • Mark

    Aaron is too modest to say so, but he is a published author of haiku. See Honku: The Zen Antidote to Road Rage at Still available as a used book on Amazon!

  • Larry Littlefield

    In Albany, money flows
    To power.

    Not to merit, or need.

    From each according to
    Their stupidity.

    To each according to
    Their Greed.

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    Has anyone seen
    these low-income people who
    drive to Manhattan?

    If Brodsky could show
    just one of them to us
    it would help us see.

    People in Jersey
    will be paying eight dollars
    for a new tunnel.

  • Josh

    Angus, that was great,
    but short a syllable in
    haiku two, line two.

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    Thanks, Josh!

    If Brodsky could show just one person who does that it would make more sense.

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    Hm, it looks like the blogging software won’t let me center-align text in the comments. Oh well.

    If Brodsky could show
    just one person who does that
    it would make more sense.


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