State Senator’s Car is Towed During Congestion Pricing Meeting

Dilan2007NEWHEADSHOTBIO.jpgSources who wish not to be named send along the following story:

State Senator Martin Malave Dilan, who hasn’t yet come out in favor of congestion pricing despite the fact that only 2 percent of the people who live in his Brooklyn district are regular car commuters, was attending a congestion pricing
meeting at State DOT headquarters in Long Island City yesterday. When he exited the building, much to his
surprise, his personal car, a 1992 Mercury Capri with vanity plate “NYC67” was
missing. After some sleuthing he discovered the culprit: An NYPD tow truck
operator doing his job. Dilan had parked in a bus stop.

Dilan’s office declined to comment.

  • oh, the irony…

  • mike

    That’s because, according to the Finance Department, he has $290 in unpaid parking fines (some dating back to October 2007) for parking in a crosswalk and for not moving his car during street cleaning.

  • Mark

    On last night’s CW-11 news, there was a story about an elderly couple. The husband double parked so he could pick up his wife from the hospital. And he got ticketed. Arguably there may be times when it’s wiser not to enforce the law — but what struck me was the absolutely implacable one-sidedness of the news report. It completely vilified the city traffic officials, made NO ATTEMPT to tell the other side of the story, and didn’t even bother to seek a quote. CW-11 has also been extremely one-sided and snarky in its coverage of congestion pricing. I’d love to see someone mount a challenge to their FCC license renewal for failing to serve the community.

  • Charlie D.

    Mark, everyone has what they think is a legitimate reason for double parking (“it’s just for a minute”, “I’m picking up my elderly/disabled/pregnant parent/relative/friend/child”). At some point, you just have to say “enough with the excuses”. Perhaps the hospital needs a pick-up, drop-off zone. Perhaps it already has one.

    If you park illegally, expect to be ticketed or towed. If something needs to be changed about the parking configuration, take that up with the people who control it. Don’t take it out on the people who enforce it.

  • Jonathan

    Mark, there’s more on your story here.

    Aaron, why were they having a CP meeting at State DOT?

  • Ian D


  • fdr

    Every story I’ve seen on the elderly couple in the newspapers has taken their side against the cold unfeeling bureaucracy.

  • Ice Queen

    And the press never let us know how slooooooow she was getting back to the car — putting on her coat, finishing up the paperwork, fishing for keys, limping out to the curb. Two minutes my eye!

  • blarsh

    At least State Senator Martin Malave Dilan was only illegally parking, as opposed to drunk driving.

  • a.v.

    Too bad the elderly couple wasn’t a UPS truck. If they’d been a mega-corporation delivering packages instead of a private citizen trying to get to the doctor, they could have all their double parking tickets automatically dismissed.


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