Today’s Headlines

  • Big MTA Projects Will Have to Trim Costs… (News, Newsday)
  • …Fulton Transit Center First to Feel Pinch (Post, AM, Sun, Newsday, Metro)
  • Ratner Can Walk Away From Yards Without Financial Penalty (Post)
  • NYT: Long Islanders Not Ready for Smart Growth
  • Subway Crime Fell 13 Percent Last Year (NY1)
  • Metro-North Commuters Say Service Is Improving (AP)
  • The End of Hole-Punches? Metro-North to Use Electronic Ticketing (Sun)
  • TreeHugger Interviews Andy Kunz on State of U.S. Rail System (via Planetizen)
  • Stewart Airport Ramps Up With Wider Access Roads, Bigger Parking Lot (AP)
  • Traders Betting on Oil Prices to Drop Below $80 a Barrel (Financial Times)
  • Swipe Cards Make Secure Bike Parking More Viable (Bike Commute Tips)
  • Larry Littlefield

    They should sell the air rights over the Fulton Transit Center, and allow an office building or hotel to be built.

    The station entrance to the street could be incorporated into the building, as at the Citicorp building at 53rd and Lex or even the former 2 Federal Reserve Plaza building on Nassau Street.

    The key value is the continous pedestrain access across Lower Manhattan. The Port Authority station will be a sufficiently expensive space for those who want to come out from underground in one. Everyone else will just use the stair that minimizes their trip.

  • Josh

    I’m not crazy about that idea. Station entrances incorporated into buildings are a pain in the ass, and there are enough generic steel-and-glass towers down here as it is.