Today’s Headlines

  • Congestion Panel to Consider Pricing Alternatives Tomorrow (News
  • Weiner Says the Deck Is Stacked (Sun
  • Corzine Wants to Raise Tolls to Pay Off NJ Debts (NYT, NYT)
  • Winter Tornadoes, Flooding Shock South and Midwest (AP, Houston Chron)
  • FTC Questions Validity of Carbon Offsets (NYT)
  • Record MTA Ridership in 2007 (News)
  • Parking Fees Drive Commuters to the Bus (NYT)
  • Six Week Shutdown for 7 Train Express Service (News)
  • After Cyclist Deaths, Portland Plans ‘Bike Boxes‘ (Oregonian)
  • Van Crashes Into Queens Arby’s, Kills Grandmother Inside (News, NYT, Post)
  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    I was just in that Arby’s a few months ago, sitting with my wife and son just a few seats away from where the Leungs were sitting on Tuesday. That’s just horrible.

  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    The U-Haul driver, Ioanis Kokoiasmenos, 24, was charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana. It was unclear if he was under the influence at the time of the crash.


    The driver of a van from All Suffolk Glass Service said the U-Haul clipped him on the eastbound service road just before the crash.

    “I got hit in the rear and the guy swerved into the building,” said the driver, Charlie Klingenberger.

    I’ve also been in that situation – driving a rented van that I wasn’t really trained to use, and not being completely in control. It was scary: I clipped at least one car and crowded a couple others out of their lanes. And I hadn’t even been smoking pot.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Desperate attempt underway to save gas while still having consumers avoid exercise and spend money.

  • Josh

    But you didn’t drive too fast and hit an Arby’s (I’m assuming).

  • Chris

    Bike boxes: We seems to have these being set up here in lower Manhattan (Reade St, Centre St.), if not elsewhere. Though cars, as usual, seem to ignore the stop line, and pull into the bike box and crosswalk.

  • ddartley

    The Portland Bike Box story:

    “By April, Portland should be the first city in North America with “bike boxes” that let cyclists rest in front of cars during red lights at many busy intersections, city officials say.”

    Um, wrong.

    Hooray for NYC finally beating Portland to some bike-friendly measure.

  • Jonathan

    Larry, thanks for the link. I wonder, how much research did the writer have to do to uncork such stunners like these:

    The solutions to today’s commuting challenges are many and varied, and the result will be that commuting will no longer be the monolithic point-A-to-point-B solo drive in a car that it has been over the past half-century.

    Where is Alex Marshall today? The Conscious Commuter could make real hay from this one.

  • ddartley

    Yes, Chris, this bike box at 57th and 8th Ave. in Manhattan has been there for, I think, about a year:

  • Brad Aaron

    Thanks for the photo link, dd. I’ve added it to the headline.

  • ddartley

    Thanks, Brad.

    But it turns out I was in the wrong flickr account (one that doesn’t have any other pics) for some reason when I posted.

    Here’s a better place to see the bike box, which is, I would wager, Manhattan’s oldest: (and under that profile, you can also see my nobel prize-worthy bike-lane design…)