Today’s Headlines

  • brent

    In other news… bring ice skates if you need to cross the 59th St Bridge ped lane. In this winter weather emergency it seems plowing and salting the lane has been deprioritized. Hopefully someone can get to it after the “normal” streets have been salted 3-4 times.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “Sure, they have discussed terrorism, health care, the economy, immigration and other matters that affect cities as much as the rest of the country. But what about basic urban and suburban concerns like housing, transportation, crime, education, Medicaid costs, homelessness, crumbling infrastructure?”

    A national health plan would take care of Medicaid costs. Other than that, by focusing on federal issues the candidates are doing cities a favor.

    Where the federal government has intervened in housing, transportation, and infrastructure, it has drained transit and pedestrian-oriented cities with taxes and fostered suburban sprawl. We can’t afford any more federal urban policy.

    People move between states. Housing, transportation and infrastructure stays where it is built, and since NYC’s pattern of built environment is in the minority, we are a big loser the more the federal government does. Let’s pay for ours, and let them pay for theirs.

  • greg

    i’m glad people from Arkansas aren’t trying to tell us how to run our city

  • plist

    Shoup’s parking policy taken to the extreme –
    Norway Parking Sticker Shock: $148,000