The Weekly Carnage


Fatal Crashes (17 Killed This Week; 547 Killed This Year)

  • Manhattan: Helicopter Pilot Killed as Cab Jumps Curb (Post, Newsday)
  • Related: Fatal Crash Hits Home for Channel 7 (News)
  • Related: Police Find No Evidence to Support Cab Driver’s Claim (News)
  • Related: Cabbie Tormented by Midtown Mow-Down Nightmare (Post)
  • Queens: Man, 81, Killed in Hit-and-Run (News, Post, Newsday)
  • Related: Driver, 29: ‘I Didn’t Know I Hit Anyone’ (Post)
  • Manhattan: Schoolboy, 8, Hit by Car, Fights for Life, but Dies (News)
  • Related: Driver Approached by Unruly Mob (Post)
  • The Bronx: Inwood Man, 20, Mowed Down by Hit-and-Run SUV (Post)
  • Brooklyn: Out-of-Control Driver Kills Homeless Man (News)
  • Manhattan: Motorcycle Kills Harlem Woman (News)
  • New Brunswick, N.J.: 2 Peds Killed 4 Hours, 100 Yards Apart (Star-Ledger)
  • Haverstraw, N.Y.: Car Hits Pole, Killing 2 Passengers, Both 25 (LoHud)
  • Elizabeth, N.J.: Baker, Patriarch, Driver, 84, Dies (Star-Ledger,
  • Valley Stream, L.I.: Man, 80, Killed After Running Red (Newsday)
  • East Brunswick, N.J.: Driver-to-Be, 16, Killed as Passenger (Star-Ledger)
  • Bay Shore, L.I.: Driver, 28, Dies as Car Veers Into Traffic (Newsday)
  • East Brunswick, N.J.: Woman Struck by Car, Killed (Star-Ledger)
  • Garden City Park, L.I.: Woman, 62, Dies as SUV Hits Car (Newsday)
  • Howell Twp., N.J.: 1 Killed as Two Vehicles Collide (Star-Ledger)

Ricky Flores / The Journal News

Injuries, Arrests & Property Damage

  • Harrison, N.Y.: Man, 63, Gets DWI Charge After Rollover (LoHud)
  • Manhattan: Panhandler in Wheelchair Critically Injured by 2 Cars (Newsday)
  • Staten Island: Girl, 4, Hit by Car (NYT, Post)
  • Related: She’s on Respirator, Ribs Broken (Advance)
  • Staten Island: Couple Hurt in Crash Near Hospital (Advance)
  • Mt. Vernon, N.Y.: Driver, 76, Charged After Hitting Cyclist, 38 (LoHud)
  • Princeton, N.J.: Cyclist Critically Injured (Times of Trenton)
  • Neconset, L.I.: Cyclist, 15, Critically Injured by SUV (Newsday)

Lou Minutoli / Newsday

  • West Hempstead, L.I.: Cars Collide Head-On, 2 Injured (Newsday [scroll])
  • Tarrytown, N.Y.: Pedestrian, 63, Injured on Main Street (LoHud)
  • Yonkers: 5 Flee Traffic Stop; Cops Pursue, Smashing Buggy (LoHud)
  • Bayonne, N.J.: Hero Pulls Woman From Crushed Car (Jersey Journal)
  • Bridgeport, Conn.: 1 Critical After Crash (Conn Post)
  • Mt. Pleasant, N.Y.: DWI Charge After Parkway Crash (LoHud)
  • Bellport, L.I.: Motorcyclist Injured in Collision With Taxi (Newsday)
  • Stony Point, N.Y.: Woman Hospitalized After Collision With Police Car (LoHud)
  • Lopatcong, N.J.: Motorcyclist Critical After Crash (NJ Express Times)

Following Up

  • Queens: Morning Ritual: Visit to Scene Where Daughter Died (News)
  • Queens: 12-Year-Old Girl Fights to Walk Again (News)
  • Hauppauge, L.I.: Drunken Driver Sentenced in Crash Death (Newsday
  • East Brunswick, N.J.: Families Offer Reward in Fatal Crash Probe (Star-Ledger)
  • Hempstead, L.I.: NYPD Officer Faces Perjury Charge in Car Wreck (Newsday)
  • Greenwich, Conn.: Driver Charged in Death of Friend (Stamford Advocate)
  • Jersey City: Benefit for 4-Month-Old Who Lost Father (Jersey Journal)
  • Newark: 27 Suspended for Looking at Cloony Post-Crash Info (Newsday)


  • Renewed Calls for Pedestrian Safety as Toll Mounts (Streetsblog)
  • Car Insurers’ Devices Track Teen Drivers (Newsday)
  • Auto Body Shop Sues Insurer for $40 Million (LoHud)
  • New Jersey Building Barriers to Cut Crossover Crashes (
  • Staten Island Pols Want Left Turn Lanes (Advance)

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  • ddartley

    Must echo Spud Spudly’s comment about the cabbie who jumped the curb:

    Why in the world should “getting cut off” cause a driver to jump the curb? Why should it, much less, be an EXCUSE for jumping the curb? I remember high school Driver Ed: hazard approaching? “escape left, brake, or escape right.” In most normal situations, a sober driver has time to choose which of those is safest. This guy was going too fast. And endemically, our society doesn’t mind.

    It’s speed, folks, and speed has no place in cities. I’m so @#$% sick of it.

  • It’s amazing how all of these hit and run drivers are always claiming to be unaware that they hit anyone. How is that possible? How do you hit a pedestrian or cyclist with your car and NOT REALIZE It?!!

  • Spud Spudly

    The 10/9 story in the Post said that police verified his claims that he was cut-off, while the 10/10 story in the News said that police have found no evidence to back him up. Which just goes to show that you can’t trust anything you read in the media.

  • Vroomfondel

    I seem to notice an amusing little pattern in the Post’s coverage of accidents: A reckless driver kills a pedestrian, and the Post runs a human-interest story on how traumatic the experience was for the poor driver. Am I hallucinating?


The Weekly Carnage

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The Weekly Carnage

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The Weekly Carnage

Fatal Crashes (4 Killed This Week; 496 Killed This Year) NYC: 2 Men Die in Separate Wrecks; 1 Critical After a Hit-and-Run (Newsday) Brooklyn: Car Hits and Kills Fearless Iraq Vet on Motorcycle (NY Post, Newsday) Related: ‘He Was Proud to Serve His Country’ (NY Post) E. Rutherford, N.J.: Turnpike Crash Kills Westchester Man (Star-Ledger, LoHud) Photo via […]

The Weekly Carnage

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The Weekly Carnage

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