Today’s Headlines

  • MTA Announces Hearings as Higher Rate Plan Surfaces (News, Second Ave Sagas)
  • Yankee Parking Developers Have Foreclosure Record (News)
  • Fan Commutes a Big Factor in Enviro Impact of Spectator Sports (Slate)
  • Nice Roundup of ‘Sexy’ Byrne Cycling Event (TreeHugger)
  • One Tree Planted, 999,999 to Go (NYT)
  • DA’s Office Undecided on Charging Curb-Jumping Cabbie for Death (News)
  • Driver Who Killed Man Says She Didn’t Notice (Post)
  • New Jersey Judges Suspected of Fixing Parking Tickets (NYT)
  • Greenhouse Emissions Hit Tipping Point (Reuters)
  • Transit Isn’t Just About Reducing Congestion (NARP Blog)
  • Anti-Transit Libertarian Says Road Pricing Is the Future (Newsday)
  • Life in the ‘Burbs: Be Afraid (NYT)
  • gecko

    Australian scientist Tim Flannery is one more on the mark sounding the alarm.

    Stopping deforestation immediately reduces current emissions by 25% and is most like feasible.

  • Bronx Rage

    How appropriate to begin planting trees in the Bronx – where the city just razed HUNDREDS OF VERY LARGE TREES on parkland — to “move” Yankee Stadium without disrupting a season and to build a filtration plant that could have been sited on a brownfield. The counting to a million can not begin until these trees are replaced (by caliper, not number!). Bette Midler, you shouldn’t have been a gull!

  • Dave H.

    Not to be pedantic, but it’s not the cops who are unsure about charging the cabbie. That’s not their job,

    “The Manhattan district attorney’s office is still deciding whether to charge Chowdury.”

  • Brad Aaron

    Of course, Dave. Thanks.

  • drose

    On the fare hike –
    It’s interesting how two pieces of information that the MTA puts out on the proposed fare hike don’t jibe with one another. In the “Fare Facts” flyer, the proposed off-peak and on-peak fares are $1.50 and $2.00. In the Public Hearing brochures, the off-peak fare will be “no higher than $1.75” and the peak fare will be no higher than $2.25. Why the specificity in the brochure and lack of it in the Public Hearing notice? Does the MTA need to give itself legal wiggle room?

  • Note that “anti-transit libertarian” Staley wants road pricing so the market can provide more roads. Eg, he would charge market price for driving in Manhattan, and he would use the revenues to build more elevated expressways in Manhattan, to provide all the road space that people want and are willing to pay for.

    That is the free market approach, but it makes for unlivable cities and an unlivable planet.

  • Nice