New Bike Lanes in the South Bronx


Some new Class 2 bike lanes have been striped in some out-of-the way places. The brand new Gerard Avenue bike lane, shown here at 149th Street, leads past a gas station to Yankee Stadium. This is listed as "planned" on the 2007 bike map (pdf), so it is nice to see the plan being filled out.  It looks like another one is about to be striped on parallel Walton Avenue as well.


  • steve

    Not exactly out of the way, but it is a little redundant with the existing Bronx class II network. I would have rather they filled in the missing sections of Washington and Park north of 161st, to connect St. Ann’s with Central Bronx.

  • Hilary

    These blocks could sure use some trees.

  • On street

    Junk that “Class 2” jargon and call these lanes “on-street” bike lanes.

    Off-street paths
    On-street lanes
    On-street signed routes

    Same number of words, more descriptive result.

  • Good point On street.

  • mfs

    I urge the city to junk the class-naming scheme as well on the bike map. It’s too much to think about when you’re trying to get from point a to b


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