Today’s Headlines

  • City Wants Accurate, Unobtrusive Pricing Equipment (Post)
  • Gas-Fueled Car Ban Proposed in England (Guardian)
  • Intense Storms Pushing Sewers to the Limit (NYT)
  • 12-Year-Old Cyclist Killed After Holding on to Truck (Post, AMNY, Daily News)
  • NYPD Officer Injured in Hit-and-Run (Sun)
  • Staten Island Buses Get Stoplight Transmitters (Daily News)
  • Report Suggests Reducing MTA Fare Dependence (Wonkster)
  • Car Booted, Placard Confiscated in Chinatown (Uncivil Servants)
  • RELATED: 5th Precinct CO Tows His Own (Streetsblog)
  • Hawaii Car Ferry Service Halted (NYT)
  • Americans Still Gaining Weight, Auto-Dependent States the Fattest (Post, AMNY)
  • So, How Do You Get to Work? (Carfree USA)
  • Rusticumjudicium

    I am very sad to read of more people killed and injured by cars. But I can’t help but notice the glaring differences in how the NYPD and the press reported the collision last night where the police officer was hit by the side view mirror and injured, as compared to the incident last December where the female bicyclist was hit by a side view mirror and killed, recently covered in StreetsBlog.

    Was the officer standing in the roadway outside the crosswalk, where pedestrians are not supposed to be? Sure, the officer was investigating a possible crime when he was struck, but shouldn’t he take safety precautions if he’s going to be walking around in the road? Was the officer wearing reflective clothing, an irrelevant fact the NYPD volunteered in the case of the bicyclist? Why are the facts that the motorist was speeding and left the scene reported in the story about last night’s collision, but not the WABC story involving the collision with the bicyclist?

    This is not intended as a swipe at the officer, who deserves our thanks, but food for thought about how we interpret roadway collisions.

  • steve

    Skitching not mentioned NYT account of the 12 y/o killed yesterday in Queens. But the eyewitness accounts of skitching in the other coverage seem credible.