Today’s Headlines

  • NHTSA Experts Prohibited From Speaking On Record (NYT)
  • City to Allow Baseball Parking on Park Grass (Queens Gazette)
  • Council Committee Clears Jamaica ‘Airport Village’ Rezone (NYT)
  • NJ May Use Tolls to Fund Schools (Post)
  • Miners Dying as Companies Rush to Tap Reserves (NYT)
  • Interior Department to Ease Rules on Mountaintop Blasting (NYT)
  • No Wind Farm for Jones Beach (Newsday)
  • Imagining Home as a Vacation Destination (No Impact Man)
  • Bike Dealers Take to Streets on 1000 Treks (Bicycle Design)
  • Man on a Mission to Protect Cars in Brooklyn Heights (Daily Eagle)
  • mike

    Re: Parks Dept allowing cars to park on the grass at Flushing Meadows: It’s interesting to contrast this with Bloomberg/Benepe’s hysterical reactions when folks wanted to have an anti-war protest on Central Park’s Great Lawn. Surely they would not like thousands of cars parking on the Great Lawn (though they don’t seem to mind thousands driving *around* it on the loop roads).

    What can possibly account for this extreme hypocrisy? Could it be that they don’t really care about parks in Queens? Or that they only car about the reactions of the very wealthy donors to the Central Park Conservancy? Or could it be that they value the privileges of car drivers over “the rights of the people to peaceably assemble”?

    Maybe it’s all 4 reasons.

  • mike

    Sorry, that’s 3 reasons.

  • Christian

    A very interesting article that got missed:

    Acela ridership up 20% in 10 months, Amtrak up 6% overall.

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    Maybe I’m the only one that follows industrial retention (or in this case explusion) issues but the NY Times article on Jamaica refers to “sleepy” Hillside Avenue. Sleepy? Six lanes of constant agressive outer borough traffic?