Today’s Headlines

  • Transcript: Brodsky and Wylde on Congestion Pricing (WNBC)
  • Spitzer Sends Pro-Pricing Message (Daily Politics)
  • As Infrastructure Falters, Mayor Should ‘Forget About’ Pricing (Queens Courier)
  • City Moving, Slowly, to Get More NYers on Bikes (Gotham Gazette)
  • New Racks Popping Up in Park Slope (Brooklyn Paper)
  • More on Painted Bus and Bike Lanes (City Room, NYT)
  • Transit Toy Exhibit at Brooklyn Museum (Daily Eagle)
  • A City Made for Walking (NYT)
  • Cab Driver Chased Down After Hitting Pedestrian (Gothamist)
  • Sidewalk Trash Cans Overflowing (Post)
  • E-ZPass Info Used as Evidence in Divorce Cases (
  • Florida County Refuses Highway Earmark (NYT)
  • Steve

    Another casualty due to the aggressive traffic on and near the Central Park transverse roads. Here’s another:

    The transverses are in desperate need of traffic calming.

  • Eric

    Re: Sidewalk Trash Cans Overflowing

    Yes, people are putting household garbage into trashcans, and the city could put more of them on the street, but in Park Slope, I’ve frequently observed the problem of people leaving trash next to, and outside of, trash cans when the cans are full, rather than walking across an intersection to use a less-full can. It generally happens on weekends, or during parades or streetfairs, but c’mon people, if the can is full, find one that’s not.

    It’s symptomatic of America’s convenience culture, I’m afraid.