Today’s Headlines

  • Transit ‘Mostly’ Normal, But Some Trains Still Delayed (City Room)
  • From Spitzer Down, Critics Pile on MTA (NYT, Post, Daily News, Sun)
  • Tornado First to Hit Brooklyn Since 1800s (City Room, Post, Daily News)
  • Newsweek Covers Climate Change Denial Industry (Transit Miami, Grist)
  • Districts With Few Manhattan Commuters Oppose Congestion Pricing (TSTC)
  • Parisians Take to "Freedom Bikes"; London Next? (Times via Carfree USA)
  • Investigators Find Possible Bridge Design Flaw (NYT)
  • Big Rigs Banned From Throgs Neck Bridge (Post)
  • New Metro-North Stations Considered for Bronx (Daily News)
  • Company Recalls 255,000 Chinese-Made Truck Tires (Post)
  • Angus Grieve-Smith

    “Freedom Bikes,” that’s hilarious! Of course, it’s a good translation of Vélib’, but it’s also a good way to market the system here. They’re not French bikes, they’re freedom bikes!