Today’s Headlines

  • Bumpy Start for Bway Bus-Only Lanes (Daily News)
  • New Jobs for NYC Transit Officials (Daily News)
  • Use Congestion Fees for 2nd Ave. Subway (NYT, Letters)
  • Manhattanites Would Pay on Way Out (NYT)
  • Planners Aim to Untangle Grand Army Plaza Knot (Brooklyn Paper)
  • Blackout Insurance: Solar City Rooftops (City Limits)
  • Placard Parking Plague on Pierrepont (Brooklyn Paper)
  • Debut of Scheduled Copter Service to the Hamptons (NY Sun)
  • Schoolyards Become Local Parks (Metro)
  • RELATED: A Schoolyard in Brooklyn (Gotham Gazette)
  • Steve

    Copter Service to Hamptons: the article mentions the complaints from Long Island residents who live near the airport, but fails to mention that the copters incredibly unpleasant for bicyclists on the West Side Greenway–even apart from the noise, the rotors always sweep up dirt and debris into the air which gets into the eyes. The Company should be required to build a barrier wall to divide the bike/ped path from the copters.

  • v

    NYT: “I don’t think it’s fair,” said Jose Hernandez, 60, a parking lot attendant who lives on West 57th Street. “I’ve got family uptown, and my son lives in the Bronx.”

    I think Bloomberg’s pic says it all. “Why in the world would you drive uptown from 57th street?”

  • regarding the bus-only lanes, why is there no physical barrier to prevent other vehicles from “trespassing”? just curious…

  • Mr. Hernandez, who was buying gas at a Hess station on 10th Avenue near 45th Street, supported charging people who drive into Manhattan. But he was unhappy with the idea of an $8 fee to drive out.

    “If I have to pay $8, I’ll use the train,” he said.

    um… that’s the idea, right?

  • Red

    Anne, the bus lane isn’t bus-only 24-7, which I imagine is one reason it isn’t physically separated from general traffic. More importantly, I don’t think you could separate this lane from traffic, as my understanding is that the bus lane is the rightmost traffic lane, not the curb lane (that is, it is the second lane from the curb); separation would mean people wouldn’t be able to park at the curb.

    In general, we don’t seem to do physically separated lanes here, even on streets where it would make more sense than on Broadway. Frankly I don’t have an explanation beyond a lack of imagination on the city’s part.

    But it was very good to read in the article that cops handed out 172 tickets. Hopefully someone will keep holding their feet to the fire.

  • erik

    Re: Bus lanes

    Perhaps they would work a little better if the sign was actually located ABOVE the lane itself. Instead, the sign is located over the curb lane and the arrow points diagonally downward to the bus lane. It’s completely unclear which lane is the bus lane. It also doesn’t help _at all_ that the pavement lane markings on Bway are confusing. The bus lane is marked “Bus Only” and the other, remaining lane is marked “Fire Lane”. That is sure to confuse the average driver…